Happy Canada Day to all my Canadian friends! We have been enjoying a fabulous long weekend so far – even though hubby is off golfing with his brother today, we’re thankful for the extra time with him, especially since he can cook on the BBQ and that frees me up from preparing dinner :D hee hee

Friday we went raspberry picking – I didn’t take the camera because it was nearly 40 degrees before humidity! Thank the Lord there was a breeze and it went quickly with such eager helpers.

Since we were there we decided to also pick up some sugar snap peas – my kids aren’t overly picky about veggies, but everyone knows peas have a different taste to them. That’s why I picked sugar snap, because they’re beautifully crisp and a little on the sweet side. Well, all throughout supper we had to tell the kids to stop eating peas and eat their pizza! And they kept snacking on them all evening! What a great problem to have :D

Saturday we went to the Evergreen Brickworks in Toronto – it is a conservation type area with a lot of old buildings (formerly a brickworks :D)

and a market on the weekends.

The market has a lot of locally grown organic produce, bakery, handmade organic products – and the best part, homemade popsicles that were SO GOOD!

A carpenter was there, with a rigged-up lathe, and he was making flowers out of green tree branches.

It was really cool to watch him carefully peel back these thin layers of wood and reveal a really cool flower at the end!

We found wild strawberries!

There is a kids gardening, exploring area, but it was hot, so we didn’t last for too long.

This is a model of the Toronto watershed – pretty cool!

I’d definitely like to go back and check out the biking and hiking trails another day when it’s not so blazing hot!

In the evening we made maple leaf sugar cookies to decorate for dessert on Sunday.

I let the kids each roll out their own section of dough, instead of rolling out the whole thing.

They did really well waiting patiently and learning how to get them out without breaking the dough in pieces.

Sunday being Canada Day, we spent the morning at church and had a relaxing afternoon together – raspberry lemonade slushies (which turned into slurpies with 3 kids drinking them, lol)

lunch and quiet time, slip n slide surfing (SERIOUSLY, if I have to buy a new one every year, I will – BEST.INVESTMENT.EVER.), cousin visiting, BBQ, cookie decorating, and, of course, FIREWORKS! Whoever sponsors the fireworks for our town does a tremendous job. They outdo themselves EVERY YEAR! I’m like a little kid each time we go – I seriously love fireworks!

Today we’re hanging out at a splash pad and just taking it easy. Hope you’ve all had a great weekend, whether you were celebrating Canada Day or not!

What did you do?

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