I had planned on updating this each week, but after my last week or so I had NO TIME and didn’t even get around to blogging regularly :0( So you’re getting a belated update, and although some progress has been made, I’m realizing I need to get even MORE serious about these goals! Starting with printing and posting so they’re in my face and I remember what they are – pregnancy brain is something else to deal with!

July Goals – Personal

  • wake up at 5:30 (READ: GET TO BED BY 10:30 :D) – well, I’ve been doing quite well on this one, but the getting to bed by 10:30 has been a struggle!

  • do NOT go near the computer until quiet time is finished! – woh, woh, woh, BIG FAT FAIL! Lord give me strength!

  • work through 21 Days of Prayer for Sons and praying for my husband – here and there, I really should be doing this at least 4 times a week!

  • find and make 3 hot breakfasts a week (any suggestions would be great ;D)not too shabby on this front! But I still need to PLAN them instead of scrambling last minute

  • work on decluttering the home and organizing (8 weeks to a less-cluttered home) – YES! This has been fantastic! I haven’t been following the days exactly, but since the boys are at VBS this week, I’ve been taking HUGE chunks out of what needs to be done

  • Sew these pillows – NOPE! The night I went to sew these our printer wouldn’t print the template. Sigh. And now I’m adding quilts to the list. Iy yiy!

  • Get shelving for cold storage (Costco) and re-organize serveware we’re not using all the time – BINGO! Thanks to my hubby for picking these up last night, I’ll be working on the organizing today!

  • Clear off desk in my bedroom, find a place for each item (or toss it!), and move it to the sewing room – This was the goal for yesterday, but the main floor was such a disaster after last week that it took most of the day to get it all cleaned and back in order.

July Goals – Marriage

  • go on one date (outside of all the weddings we have!) – Well, July isn’t over yet :D But we still haven’t gone on our date!
  • spend one evening a week reading (out loud or just near each other :D) – Yes, one evening is an easy goal!

July Goals – Children and Homeschooling

  • Read 2 chapters out loud each day – One, sometimes. August will be better, I promise :D

  • Continue memorizing Psalm 103 – We just picked it up again last week, I’m shocked they still remember it! We’re up to verse 6

  • Work on our Virtues and Character studies – Not so much. This week is out b/c of VBS and they’re gone for 7 hours!

  • Start reading through the Unit Study Idea Book – I read this while at the cottage. Next step – PLAN IT!
I’m looking forward to refining my goals for August and getting into curriculum planning. We’ve got some MAJOR room redos we are working on, so I’m excited to share them as things end up in their place.
Let’s keep on holding each other accountable to our goals! Thanks to those who have been asking how things are going! How are YOU doing on your goals?