Hello! If you’re just getting here, through the month of October I am writing about companies, businesses and individuals that seek to produce ethically made clothing and support local artisans in their communities to build their own businesses and learn new skills. Why am I telling this? So we can support them by changing the way we shop and make purchases. You can check out Day 1 here for more information!

Our last feature for Kid Week is from Great Britain – but don’t let the idea of buying in pounds and paying shipping turn you off before you’ve given them a look! Stick around for a moment here as we introduce you to:

Frugi OrganicFrugi Organic


Frugi Organic produces quality children’s wear (and some items for new mums!) that are not only certified organic, but ethically produced. They are ensuring this is the case with a 3-point check system with the organizations that provide the standards Frugi Organic lives by:




Frugi is a GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified company, which means that we adhere to stringent criteria in both our manufacturing and social accountability.

2. Soil Association

Soil Association

The Soil Association charity wrote some of the world’s first organic standards over 50 years ago. They helped develop the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) which was launched in 2006 and which Soil Association Certification now certifies to.

3. SA 8000

SA8000 standards

When we’re choosing new suppliers, we ask that their factories have this SA8000 certification – it goes even further than the social standards laid down in GOTS. For example, our manufacturers supply all their workers AND their families with health insurance, a life-line in a country with no NHS.

Also? Every so often they hold a warehouse sale and the proceeds are donated to an orphanage in India to help fund education as well as a “tuk tuk” to transport them to and from school.

This statement on the Frugi Organic website is sadly true:

We live in a world where throwaway fashion has become the norm. Our wardrobes are straining under the amount of easily accessible, badly made impulse buys and piles of uncared for “Wear it once” clothing. And not just for our own wardrobe’s sake but for your child’s wardrobe too.

It’s safe to say the recent factory tragedies in Bangladesh shocked us all. They highlighted just how important it is to stop and think….do I know who made my clothes?

The whole reason this blog series exists is not to bemoan the fact or lay on the guilt, but to educate the consumer about the companies who are out there and are willing to make the changes necessary to influence industry standards. It starts with us! 

Frugi Organic has some pretty great kids’ clothes to choose from, and their sizing goes from newborn to age 10.

JJ would love these PJs!

Frugi Astro Pjs

And I can totally picture The Boy pulling off this outfit in these sweet maroon chinos.

Frugi Organic maroon pants

Miss E is in need of some new onesies for the cold weather creeping up on us.

Frugi onesies

And Keekers would stay nice and cozy in her daily dress outfit of choice with these Norah tights and boot socks!

Frugi outfit and tights

Frugi boot socks

And if it’s littler people you need to out-fit, there’s no shortage of quality, CUTE items to choose from!

Frugi DungareesFrugi Christmas sleeper

Frugi Twirly bow dress

Sisters can match – this twirly bow dress is available in both the baby section in size newborn up to kids size 10!

Have some fun shopping and make purchases that make a difference!