Cicada ice cream sales come to an end in Columbia, SC.

Heard recently in our home:

My ear is itchy – maybe there’s an earwig in there!

Jay, do you know what a widow is?
Maybe, it’s like, a spider!

Mom, I ate all the wrapper off this cucumber!

(Pointing to the coffee maker) This is a coal plant where planes get coal!

I have red hot fire burning in my tummy and I need some more milk! (eating onions)

Mom, what’s another name for a thesaurus?
Well, do you know what a thesaurus is? (I go into an explanation of what a thesaurus is, just to make sure)
Yes. I know what a good name is! Stegosaurus!
(Turns out he was asking what another name for a “saurus” is!)

I woke up on the right side of the bed because that’s where the ladder was!

(in the bathroom, trying to learn to potty train, watching one of the boys) Oh goodness.

Something smells REALLY good! Do you smell good?
(5 minutes later)
Oh brother! It’s MY HANDS that smell good! (Yay Bath and Body Works :D)

Happy Friday!