I didn’t get much change to take on the Foto Friday challenge this week.

So instead, I’m putting up a few of my faves of little monkey Keekers!

She’s such a little girl – the boys would never pose for the camera without a tremendous amount of coaxing.

She loves her accessories – as is evidenced by the silly bands, pony tail, clippies, necklaces, etc. all of which she adorns herself with almost every day.

She is a little bit wild and crazy. And potty trained. In one week. Right after I literally threw up my hands and was about to give up, it clicked. I should have remembered, it was the same with the boys. Only it took them much longer than 1 week!

She loves to blow kisses – foo kisses.

She  isn’t a fan of the splash pad – but the boys were like that. She wants to be right in there with the action, but as dry and warm as possible.

She loves to snack (all 3 of them were like that!) and she can get pretty much anything out of her daddy. Especially a bite of his cookie or a whole pickle.

She doesn’t talk a lot that is understandable – she’s slower to speak than JJ who could count to 10 at 12 months!

But most of her 3-word sentences are fully understandable. And she loves to pray. Whether it is breakfast, lunch, supper or family devotions, her prayers usually go something like this:

“Dear Lord….thank you….Mia….soccer….splash pad….aaaaaaaaaaaaa-men.”

Love you little Keek!

Foto Friday Challenge