Last week I had the great privilege of writing (on my phone no less!) IN REAL LIFE with these fantastic Five Minute Friday ladies.

 Five Minute Friday

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Topic: ROOTS


We’ve been learning a lot about trees this past month. Our nature study journals are filled with pictures, drawings, sketches, rubbings of the many trees we’ve been able to track down, even here in the “city”.

While up at the cottage, we had a chance to take a fantastic leaf walk, scruffing through foliage on the ground, getting up close to the trees on the hills where the dirt and rock had been washed away, exposing the roots.

A trees’ root has a main root, rootlets, and then those have little hairs that soak up the water like a straw. A root always goes down deep, far, extending – going out of it’s way to reach a source of water. Sometimes breaking through steel pipes to get into a water supply, wreaking havoc on someone’s water system.

But always reaching, always searching, stretching, doing everything the root can to reach what it needs most: water.

We need our roots to go down deep. They’re there for stability, they’re there for sustenance. They’re there to help us grow. Where do your roots go? What do they search for, long for, hunger for, go out of their way for?

LIVING WATER. And that can only be found in the Word of God. Not the words of others, though inspired and generated by His Spirit – but the living, active, truth of God’s Word.