I grit my teeth. There’s been a lot of jaw clenching this week as stresses mount, patience lacks, sleep is restless and my brain hurts. Yet the more I grit my teeth and bear it, the more wearisome I become.

Haven’t I learned yet that in order to take on the grit of this world, I need to STOP gritting my teeth, and let HIM bear it?

Haven’t I learned yet that he holds the whole world in his hands and the little bit I’m hanging onto is nothing in the grand scheme of things?

Haven’t I learned yet that it is THE MOST IMPORTANT THING for me to let him lead me; give him the focus and all else falls into place.

I know he calls my name. I know he waits for me to walk toward him. I know it is the only way, to give him praise.

And so I stop gritting my teeth. I stop trying to bear it. I give him the burdens that are too many, too much for me to bear. The prayer requests that keep flowing, non-stop – there’s never enough time to get through them all. Yet he knows each heart behind them.

The broken hearts that need mending, the little ones that need tending, the discipline that needs dealing, the spirits that need healing.

He can handle it all. I cannot. The grit of this world is too much for us to handle. Give it to him. He made the world. He holds the world. He loves the WORLD.