I spent most of the day yesterday organizing homeschool materials, old papers from last year and new books for this year. I have a LOT more left to do. I was hoping to have a sunny day for the kids to be outside and play so I could get it all done. But instead, it’s pouring rain and thundering.

I could complain and press on through the stuff that has to be done. Or I could say” Oh well” and take advantage of the cooler weather, the puddles, the dark skies and dive into books, forts, crafts, snuggles and connect with my kids.

During my quiet time this morning I yearned for one of them to come down in the quiet, darkness of the rain falling. To have a few moments of nothing calling, nothing to do, to simply connect. No one did. And I think next time I might wake one of them up. Because once the day gets going, it’s hard to put aside the time, the things “I” want to do, to make sure my little ones have more of their mama.

So today, instead of diving into all the work I need to get done, we’re staying in pjs, colouring, crafting, reading, listening to CDs, baking and movie-watching. Taking the little, fleeting moments to connect with the ones who matter most.