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(Today’s my birthday! Yippeee! And what a super fantastic prompt, fitting for today :D)

When I think of gifts, I think of so many things in my life. I think of the 3 children upstairs sleeping, of tucking them in in the middle of the night, smoothing their hair back off their heads – and how blessed I am to have my quiver this full. Even with the difficult day we had yesterday, the greatest gift is the love that God has given me to keep on, and the grace to at least try and teach their hearts.

I think of my husband, who works so very hard to support us, both in finances and in leading our family. How he has changed over the last few years, how he has pulled me from laziness and complacency into learning more diligence, being intentional and on fire. How he has set the example of God’s grace by being patient and kind with me when I stubbornly refuse to see the right.

I think of our families, close by enough that we can visit, hang out with siblings and cousins, (get free babysitting ;D) and the good relationships we have.

I think of our church family and friends, how we meet together each week, in and out of church, to encourage, pray, sharpen, and give glory to God.

I think of the home we live in and how God has provided it for us – right down the street from our church! I think of the opportunity to homeschool, the co-op group we are a part of, the swimming lessons we can participate in, the flexibility we have so we can take the kids off for skiing for a day – all winter season long.

I think of the gift of getting up early, getting into the word, of praying for friends, and receiving that prayer back. Of the love of God so richly manifested in those around me.

The greatest gift of all I have received on my birthday is the love of a Saviour who gave his life for me. Because he didn’t have to – but because he wanted to. To bring me to the Father, to make me right before him – so that I can live in eternity forever, singing praise to his name.

That’s all I want.


Sharing my 1000 Gifts…

331. My 3 children upstairs sleeping.

332. My husband who works so hard to support us.

333. Flexibility that homeschooling offers.

334. Our great co-op group

335. Family members close in distance and hearts

336. Salvation in Christ alone!

337. The joy of the Lord is my strength.

338. “I love you momma.”

339. “At the cross you beckon me, draw me gently to my knees.”

340. Words of love: Praying that God fills your day with his abundant joy!

341. Easter eggs.

342. Lemon meringue pie

343. Ephesians bible study

344. Winter wreath (finally took it down :D)

345. Time in the morning in word and prayer

346. Praying specifically for my husband

347. Green leaves poking up through the soil

348. Visiting and playing with cousins!

349. Date night with my hubby.

350. A steam vacuum for our gross carpets :D