There’s kind of a big thing happening today. If you follow Heidi St. John‘s blog, The Busy Mom, you may have noticed on Wednesday that she announced a team of 19 contributing writers will be added to the blog. the busy mom Well, I am so honoured to tell you that I am one of those writers! I’m still a little in shock over it all, this is a tremendous opportunity I never would have expected to have! This past week has been a flurry of activity, writing, organizing and praying for direction as we prepared for the announcement and launch. Heidi has been such a blessing and encouragement, both in home life and marriage, and is a real breath of fresh air. I count it a great joy to be working with her and these other ladies to bring encouragement, laughter, fun and beauty into the hearts and lives of so many families. If you haven’t already been following her blog, now you have 19 new reasons to do so! :D