Our house has been transformed. A week ago Saturday we welcomed our newest family member into our lives.

Meeting Miss E


And she’s totally and completely stolen all of our hearts.

Baby E


Meet Miss E. ¬†Born on Saturday, December 8, after 4 1/2 hours of labour. A miracle, as each and every little baby’s life is.


Every day I stand in awe and wonder of the miracle of God’s creation of life. I’ve heard it said before that it’s amazing how your heart can grow and expand to love so much yet another child brought into your family.

Daddy's little girl

Praise be to God! We are so blessed.

Miss E First Meeting

I’m grateful for our other 3 being a little older this time around – they really get it, really want to help, really love on her.

Sibling snugglesIt’s so precious and sweet to see the rough and tumble boys marvel over their baby sister. To see big sister just giggly over Miss E’s cuteness. Thank you Lord.

Things have been slow around here lately. Slow in a good way. The boys are sick again – but we’re a little more cooped up anyway with a little one. It’s an ugly-beautiful thing, as the time in is allowing us to spend a lot of time bonding together.

Christmas reading

Reading our advent and Christmas stories (we’re on the edge of our seats with Jotham’s Journey!).

Baby Jesus

Crafting up a storm as we follow along with Truth in the Tinsel.

Making cookies

Baking – a LOT.

Grapevine study - Jesus birth

Mary, Joseph and Jesus

Stick-figuring with Grapevine Studies through the story of Jesus’ birth.

Mast Christmas 2012

Getting together with family for celebrations of Christ’s birth – and 3 new babies!

I cannot say again how grateful I am that we’ve taken this month of December to focus on Christ, his birth, and our new little miracle.

Miss E sleep

The stress and strain of trying to keep up with a school schedule has been lifted from my shoulders – I have never felt more at peace during this normally busy and hectic season. God is good!

What have you been up to this Christmas time?