After taking off an unplanned week of school last week, I was ready to dive head first in this morning. And we did fairly well, for the morning, a little slower paced than usual, and I was getting antsy to get the kids down for some quiet time.

Then there was this sunshine that kept pouring in the back door, and I KNEW that quiet time was going to have to wait – it was time for this momma to be FUN MOM!

So we put on the shoes and jackets and headed out into the VERY spring-like weather!

going for a walk

JJ the Scientist took along his magnifying glass and examined everything along the way.

From rabbit turds…


…to strange muddy footprints….
following tracks

…to everything on or beside the sidewalk…

…to manholes in the park – which resulted in goose poop on the knees :D
hello down there

We found one of the only remaining patches of snow in the neighborhood and claimed it as Mount Iceberg.

mount iceberg

These red berries look good enough to eat!
red berries 2

So beautiful against the bright blue sky.
red berries
Our God is an awesome Creator!

Bird’s nest from spring two years ago.

remnants of summer

This bush is trying so hard to come back to life! Not just yet!
spring coming

Waiting patiently to cross the street.

Somebody has some interesting taste in paint.
animal garage doors

Beauty- and look, a small sun flare!

Running her little heart out. This is totally worth the time spent!

Break en-route.
sitting ducks

Me 10 feet tall.

Hey everybody! We’re a train!
look at us!

The Boy is a bit of a monkey on those bars.
swinging monkey


Oh the joy!
fun in the sun

Everyone loves to swing! I wish they made adult size swings…these things hurt after a couple minutes!
swinging glee

Quick, the UPS truck is coming!
running train

Alas, it was not for us :0)

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