8 months Miss E

Has it really already been 8 months? When you joined our family the weather outside was turning cold. Now we are in the midst of an incredibly hot summer – and it amazes me how quickly time passes, seasons change, in the blink of an eye.

Meet Miss E

December was a beautifully slow month, just drinking in the joy that you as a new baby, brought to our family. You were a great sleeper, always tuning out the noise of 3 older siblings around you, clamoring to sneak just one more peek.

Christmas lights

A champion eater, you fell quite easily into our daily routine and it was nice, so nice, to have so much time for daddy to bond with you too over Christmas holidays.

Christmas 2012

January came, and at 1 month old you started already to become quite a bit more alert.

loves her sister

You loved lying in your bouncy chair, looking up and trying to focus on everything going on around you. Unfortunately you didn’t love sleeping in your bed very much at this point, so you took a LOT of naps in your swing and chair, IF I could get you to sleep. But you were so adorably cute, I forgave you :0)

chalet baby

daddy's ski baby

Mommy and daddy celebrated our 9th anniversary and we took the whole family skiing for a week. You came too, and were quite happy to hang out, on rotation, in the chalet with mom, Keekers, and sometimes Grandma!

snowmageddon 2013

January and February also brought some of the biggest snow storms we’ve seen, but you slept through most of them :D

Valentine E

February, 2 months old, you were our sweet little Valentine. Your siblings loved on you so much, every moment I turned my back someone was beside you making faces, talking to you, squeezing or hugging you.

daddy perogative - baby's first food

We had the great privilege and joy of dedicating you in front of our church, Harvest York Region.

E dedication

It is such a blessing to live in a free country where we can worship God without any limitations! On that day you had 3 generations standing with you. Wow!

Daddy also tried you on your first “solid”, much to my chagrin. Ice cream, if I recall correctly. You weren’t impressed.

little sister E

3 months old and March was a big month for you! We saw a lot of changes from month 2-3 in your face, taking on less of a newborn look and more baby.

You started to figure out how to roll, from back to front, as you hated being on your tummy. But you didn’t do it very often.

rolling baby


You’d get into a pickle though if your arm got stuck on the way over!

3 months old

March also saw 3 birthdays – Daddy, Keekers and Mommy’s 30th. You were quite the party girl!

Between 3 and 4 months, with all the changes going on, you were a bit of a handful. You wanted to be bounced on my knee during lessons, and had a hard time sleeping again. Thankfully you quite enjoyed the swing still and were happy to fall asleep in there or on my shoulder when you were over stimulated.

jolly jumper baby

At 4 months old we tried you in the jolly jumper and you absolutely LOVED it! You started responding more and more to our conversation to you with smiles and coos. By now your fussiness was tapering off, and if you were tired enough, you could fall asleep just lying down in the middle of the floor! It was so sweet.

sleeping anywhere

May and 5 months came in with a bang!

oldest and youngest

We did a big road trip down to the states to visit friends and attend a conference, and you, along with your siblings, were a CHAMPION road tripper!

sibling snuggles

You did great on the car rides and at the homeschool convention (though you were definitely finding your voice and verbalizing more, so I had to sit out of parts of the sessions, but I didn’t mind too much). The perfect little tag-along!

funny faces

June was a party month, and you were quite the 6 month old partier.

late night baby

There were so many long days and late nights Grandpa and Grandma’s 40th wedding anniversary and bridal showers for Auntie Michelle, but you were perfectly behaved! You’re still not sitting up by yourself quite yet so most of the pictures we have of you are on your back, lol. But you’re happier than ever nonetheless! You really are one of the happiest, most cheerful babies I’ve ever seen.

love to swing

Oh, and you love to swing in the big swing now too!

 favourite toys

One of your favourite places to be – on the floor, surrounded by your toys. You also love to put your feet up while lying down, sitting in your car seat or stroller, and just hang out!

7 months and summer

July things finally calmed down, and at the cottage you learned to sit up on your own! You LOVE being in the lake, especially since the water was so nice and warm for you.

water baby

You also love snuggling for short periods of time – you’re getting pretty squirmy! I hope we can capture many more moments like these – your sister loves you so much!

sister snuggles

At 7 months old you’ve found your voice – your little shrieks keep getting louder and cuter and funnier, yet we are gently training you to hush. You are mimicking sounds, and we’d all like to think your “da-da-da-da-da” is meant to be “daddy”.

miss E fingers

Now here we are in August, and you’re 8 months old. Wow. Again, where has the time gone?

hand play

You love to sit and play on the floor with the whole basket of toys piled around you, or just watch with a smile as your siblings say and do funny things to make you laugh.

Your faces are the most hilarious things ever! Our favourite is your classic “scrunchy face”.

silly faces Miss E

Mommy and Keekers LOVE spending “girl time” with you together!

mom and girls

You’re becoming quite the cultured baby, enjoying reading time, playing music, and FINALLY some “gourmet” food. I think getting your first tooth helped with that one.

baby culture

We love you so much Miss Ellie! Our family would never be the same without you.

sibling love


You’re our little sunshine, source of joy and laughter, sweet, precious baby girl and we are so thankful God blessed us with you!

you are my sunshine