Writing for 5 minutes on “Catch”.


I can’t seem to catch my breath. Running at break-neck speed through each day, scrambling to get the school work finished and house tidied before the day is done and it’s time to start over again.

I can’t seem to catch up – piles are everywhere – clothing that needs to be stored, papers to be filed, schoolwork put into binders, completed bible studies and sermon notes to decide what to do with. When one pile is dealt with another crops up.

I can’t seem to catch a moment of rest. Quiet times are eaten up with cleaning up and finishing little projects here and there. So many things to do, so little time.

And then there’s you. The 3 of you. Running around in the midst of it all. Completely oblivious to the mess, the schedule, the piles of un-organization, the mommy desperately trying to clean up after you. So care-free. So light-hearted. So free.

“Catch me!” you say. I want to, but I’m too busy right now. “Catch me, mommy!” You insist. I look around me at the “stuff” that needs to be done. “C’mon mommy, catch me quick!”

That’s it. I’m done. Things can wait. Piles will always be there. Right here and now, I’m going to catch a moment of your childlike, care-free ways and catch you if I can!