I realize this should really go up in the morning on Mondays, but until I get more into the routine of writing it up Sunday night, I’ll have to settle with a couple hours before dinnertime :D

We had a wild and crazy busy weekend trying out a new dish on Sunday night (I’ll be posting about it later, it was an amazing tasting meal!) so we’re keeping it low key to start off the week – already our menu for tonight changed 3 times! lol That’s why I like planning, at least I have an advantage of being able to change it to something else if I need to.


Breakfast – cereal

Lunch – perogies

Supper – Quiche

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Breakfast – oatmeal

Lunch – PB&J

Supper – Angelhair Pasta with peppers

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Breakfast – bagels

Lunch – mac and cheese

Supper – Honey Mustard Chicken Drumsticks with rice and veggies

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Breakfast – cereal

Lunch – ski day sandwiches

Supper – eat out or leftovers



Breakfast – baked oatmeal

Lunch – ham and cheese buns (co-op day)

Supper – Greek Kebabs with tzatziki, salad and pitas

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Breakfast – waffles

Lunch – grilled cheese

Supper – Chicken and spinach noodle fettuccine

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Breakfast – cereal

Lunch – leftovers

Supper – Pizza


Here’s to a great week of planned-out meals!