When your day goes south and completely off the rails… not just once, or twice, and even more than 3 times, what do you do?


I kept trying to get us back on track. I declared a re-set, a redo of the morning where we dropped everything, read a book and prayed, then moved on.

I tried motivating. But with a cranky toddler and tired mom who got up later than her alarm (how does that work? I got more sleep but I’m more tired?) things weren’t coming around.

What purpose does it serve to push on through at the expense of broken hearts? That’s what I keep telling myself, but still sometimes, it’s hard to let it go. My need for control and my pride in finishing too often get in the way.

So by noon I declared our day done. School would be finished later. What was more important than getting the check marks on our list was the hearts being ministered to.

rolling cookie dough

We spent the rest of the day making cookies and watching a movie with popcorn. I decided to make the decision to let my pride and need to control things go, and instead enjoy time together to make up for the ridiculous morning. The toddler needed attention and love, the kids needed rest. And that’s ok!

There’s always tomorrow.

Am I alone in this? What do you do to hit the reset button for your day?