This has been our last week before school starts! We are ready to go! For the most part :0) So I’m getting back into the routine of my weekly wrap-ups.

In my life this week…

I’ve been trying to really focus on my quiet times in the morning – finding I need to get up earlier than 5:30 some mornings (especially when we get back to school!) if I want to blog and exercise before we get into our daily routine. Thinking about how I can help me husband get out the door at a good time and our day started off on the right foot.

Places we’re going and people we’re seeing…

Since after Labour Day all the splash pads in the area turn off, we’ve been hitting lots of them this week!

We were supposed to go to Niagara Falls on Wednesday and meet up with Aurie and her girls, and I’m so sad we couldn’t do it! But with my legs acting up a lot, the driving distance wasn’t going to be a good plan. Aren’t these compression socks just so stylish? ;0)

So we’ve stayed close to home with splash pads, the zoo and a new splash park – enjoying the last of the hot weather (although our fall is going to be warm too!) and water.

 My favourite thing this week was…

Watching The Boy be inspired in his drawing after watching a Wild Kratts – that kid can draw!

And seeing his siblings crowded in around him to watch and listen to the “lesson”….love it!

Also all the Lego building that has been going on – we have a kingdoms mega blocks set, but the stuff doesn’t stay together as well as Lego, so it keeps crashing!

We’ve had a few tears, but they keep putting it back up together and persisting through the trial – with smiles on their faces!

Things I’m working on…

Starting a nature study with The Outdoor Hour Challenge, and introducing Fine Arts into our curriculum (using Harmony Fine Arts at home and piano lessons begin for The Boy!).

Organizing to help our clean up times go faster!

Finalizing curriculum planning – I decided to go with one month at a time, especially with Baby Girl due in December!

I’m cooking…

A baby!

At 26 weeks this little girl (we found out the gender at 20 weeks and told everyone with a fun party last weekend!) has been the most active of all my kids – lots of rolling, kicking, punching and tumbling. And I am loving it! She’s super responsive to the outside environment, which is really cool – and the kids love talking to “Lucy”, as they’ve already named her :0)

I’m trying out lots of dishes to add to our fall meal plan…which I still need to get back on top of.

The kids are cookin’ too – well, not really, but they loved making frozen grape skewers for our friends coming over for dinner last night!

 I’m reading…

1 Peter – and getting absolutely convicted about the shallowness of my love for others. Love covers a multitude of sins!

I’m praying for…

My children and their desire to do what’s right. My husband and his walk with the Lord. Our church and small group members (we had a great small group BBQ for the end of the year on Tuesday, and our new Pastor of Family Ministries over last night with his wife and kids!). For the start of our homeschool year and for us to intentionally teach and disciple our children.


What have you been working on or doing this past week? If you’ve already started school, how has it been going? If you’re starting next week like us, are you excited or what?!?! :0)

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