The Serving From Home review team (consisting of myself, The Boy, JJ and Keekers) just received N is for Noah: Trusting God and His Promises from MasterBooks. On our shelf we already have A is for Adam and D is for Dinosaur, and we LOVE these alphabet books.


What is N is for Noah?

N is for Noah is a rhyming book, working through the alphabet and the story of Noah.

Each page is full colour and tells a bit of the journey of Noah’s act of faith in building the ark, faithfully preaching the gospel to the people, God’s plan for the world, the flood and his deliverance to Noah’s family.



But the fun doesn’t end there! On the back of each page is a lesson you can do daily or weekly with your children, helping them to dig deeper into the story.

Tough, biblical concepts and truths are explained and made clear in a way that captures not only your childrens’ attention, but yours, and makes the meaning of the HIStory and God’s plan so much more than just a story!

The Bible Bits section helps your children to better understand the biblical truths. They are further reinforced in the Let’s Talk and Always Remember section.



PLUS there’s a great HANDS-ON opportunity (I love getting to this part of our learning!) to help solidify the message and teaching. Finish that off with a couple review questions, and you have yourself a full-on, simple yet in-depth children’s bible study!


How We’re Using N is for Noah

I’m planning on integrating this into my one-on-one time with Keekers in the fall and her letter of the week Kindergarten program. There’s definitely enough material and questions to keep it brief for her attention span but meaningful on a daily basis.


Where to Buy N is for Noah

If you’re shopping in the US, you can purchase directly from New Leaf Publishing Group or on Amazon.

Canadians, you can purchase the book directly from Learning House. They are a fantastic, Canadian curriculum company in Ontario with really reasonable prices and shipping. Check them out! (also available on Amazon.ca)


Facebook Party With Master Books

Don’t forget to join us for the Book and a Treat Facebook party on TUESDAY, August 27th (8-9 pm CDT, 9-10 pm EST) on Master Books Facebook page! You can win a copy of amazing stage production of Noah by Sight and Sound on DVD (we went to see it, and coupled with the N is for Noah book, the gospel message and beauty of God’s plan is so awesome!.