I feel the need for refreshing. The need to start over again. While I kept up with some of my personal devotions while on vacation, it just wasn’t enough for the long, tiring days.

I am excited to be back with our church family today. Excited to dive head-long into God’s word, full tilt, all stops pulled out. Looking forward to the refreshing waterfall of his truth.
I have an opportunity to be a part of some pretty exciting things coming up soon on this blog. Guest posting for the first time, for which I am totally stoked about!
But I feel a need to take a step back and refocus my blogging. The breather was great. I didn’t miss being on the computer one bit. I missed seeing what everyone else was doing, but I was content to be with my family and enjoy undivided time with them.
So, I need a schedule. A blogging schedule. I need to figure out how to balance this thing called blogging that I have gotten myself into, while still giving time to my Lord, my kids and my hubby.
If things get scarce on here, don’t worry, it’s just me taking time to prioritize. I would definitely appreciate any input from you mommy bloggers who have been doing this for a while as far as how to work it all out!
Keep your eyes open for my guest posts and new recipes coming. Hopefully I’ll be able to share some insights as far as figuring out the timing of blogging and all.I am praying that the Lord would give me a fresh vision for my family, our homeschool, and this blog and what I do with it.