Math has never been my strong suit and has always been a struggle for me. Thankfully, being in our 7th year homeschooling, I’ve learned a lot from teaching math again to our kids, and have picked up some tricks and valuable problem solving skills.

With 3 students in the home, and a 4th starting in a couple years, it’s helpful to have extra tools available to extend a lesson or in some instances (when things are a little crazy), take over as the teacher. While we try to limit our use of electronics, there are definite benefits to including some online and computer programs into your daily school routine. Especially where math lessons and practice are concerned.

Math practice makes perfect!

Right? :0) Or at least, math practice makes better, faster and easier. I’ve struggled with finding a good program that’s challenging (without being too difficult for them to complete) and comprehensive, allowing me to completely step back and have them self learn. But I think we’ve finally found it in iPractice Math!

iPractice Math dashboard


For the past number of weeks we have been using iPractice Math to hone our math skills, practice drills and be challenged in the areas we need to work on in math.

And guess what? The kids actually LIKE doing it! That’s already a big score in my books – when they’re asking if they can practice math you know you’ve got something good going on.

iPractice Math Online Math Practice and Lessons for All Ages

iPractice Math

So here’s how iPractice Math works.

Currently, it’s a free program with an easy online sign-up, and all student accounts are monitored under the parent account. This makes it easy to track their progress and print out reports and certificates when they’ve reached their goals (incentives with something as simple as a certificate are an amazing encouragement!).

iPractice Math reports

From Grades 1-9, students can choose their area of practice and work through their problems. Throughout the process their answers are recorded so you can view their progress, see how they did, and know what they need to continue working on.

Math Practice Made Simple

Typically I’ll have the boys – grades 5 and 3 – do at least one math practice lesson on the computer each school day – it’s enough that they’re enjoying it still and sometimes they choose to keep on going.

The program corrects problems for them, so I need only to check their progress reports to see how they’re doing and encourage them to keep practicing in a certain area.

iPractice Math – Comprehensive Math Practice and Learning

Some of these areas of math are ones I am incredibly rusty and terrible at computing in, so I’m very happy that iPractice Math is a comprehensive math program! For grades 1-9 the topics covered include:

  • Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division
  • Decimals and Fractions
  • Time and Measurement
  • Statistics
  • Algebra (introduced in grade 4 and increasing in difficulty through the grades)
  • Number Sense

Grades 10-12 are being developed and when released will include consumer math and calculus.

iPractice Math Lessons


Now, not only can they PRACTICE math, but they can also LEARN math. In the Learn section, students can receive instruction on specific areas if they’re unfamiliar with them or have forgotten steps and how to do an action or problem.

Fun Features of iPractice Math

Throughout the practice areas there is an option to use a “scrap book”, which is basically a section of the screen to be used as scrap paper for writing out and solving longer problems. Helpful and fun!
iPractice Math Scrap Book

Mom or dad can learn too! Just select an area to practice from the parent dashboard, complete the problems, view your reports and print yourself a certificate :0)

iPractice Math is a responsive site which works well on either your phone or tablet, so you can take learning on the go.

If you have students who get frustrated or stuck on a problem, use the math worksheets option. This allows them to see all the problems in the practice section and solve them as they are able. Or you can print the worksheet and do it offline.

iPractice Math online worksheets


After a few months using iPractice Math, we are definitely hooked! There’s enough covered in the practice and learning section that if you needed it to, it could stand alone as their math lesson for the day.

Math Practice with iPractice Math online

I know we will definitely continue using it through the summer to keep our math brains from getting rusty, and on-going through the grades for practice or where further challenges are needed.

How do you help your students with their math practice?

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(**Disclaimer – All opinions are my own and I was compensated for my time spent reviewing the product.**)