This week in the Ministry of Motherhood book study, we’ve been challenged to not only stop and marvel at God’s wonders, but to share them with our children.

I love to walk, and it is especially enjoyable in the spring and summer months. The early morning air, birds singing and sun risen/rising are so refreshing – to the body and the soul. I almost always have something to marvel at through God’s creation. But I don’t often take the opportunity to share what I’ve seen or learned.

Through reading this week’s chapters, it has occurred to me to think about possibly taking my children, one at a time, on these walks with me, to point out the wonder of God’s handiwork, his fingerprints in creation. This could be one way I could share and marvel with them.

We’ve had some really neat opportunities just in the past few days to admire and wonder at God’s handiwork. We are growing a caterpillar

There is nothing else I can think of that confirms God at work than a caterpillar. Within 1 week, the egg hatched, the caterpillar has grown to probably almost 10 times its starting size, and in a short while it is going to transform into a butterfly. How could anyone watch this process, or even know about it, and not KNOW that there is a creator!

We were also at a homeschool group family’s farm today, where they have chickens. Through the school year, we get our eggs from them. 

As I was taking them out of the carton today, I had a moment where I just marveled at how God created these chickens and we can benefit from their produce. It just blows my mind how awesome our God is!

It doesn’t take much to recognize God’s hand at work – it is all around us. But if we’re too busy, we won’t notice, and we’ll miss an opportunity to expand our children’s, and our own view of God. I know I miss many chances, because I’m distracted or too busy just rushing around.

Psalm 34:8 says “O taste and see that the Lord is good!”. I challenge you to take some time when you see God’s fingerprints to stop, marvel, wonder, and share it with others.