Well, we hit our goal of memorizing Colossians 1:10 last week! Here are the boys saying the verse separately:

I love how The Boy picks up so quick on these and then JJ, who won’t be left behind in the dust, just HAS to keep up with him, and even though his memory isn’t as quick, he catches up and sometimes remembers the verses even better later on!

Because I am tired of losing track of our memory verses, and I don’t have anymore space to put up posters to write them on and put stickers beside, we are going to be switching to the Charlotte Mason memorization method. If you haven’t heard of this before, it is a really simple, effective way to memorize your verses, while still reviewing the ones you’ve previously completed. All you need is a recipe or index card box, index cards, and index dividers. My amazing friend Amanda has created these simple dividers and quick tips on creating your scripture memory box if you’d like to use this. Now all I need to do is find a recipe box…would you believe our dollar store didn’t have any?!?!

I also changed our reminder board to display current verses we are memorizing, and to remind me of the future ones I want to do, as well as our daily reminder to go over our verses 2-3 times a day. As you can see, we aren’t doing so well :D

We are continuing on with our Narrow Way daily bible study, along with family devotions through 1 Corinthians – although the last couple of days have been nil with my hubby sick with the flu for the third time! I am going to take a step back from the Narrow Way though and start doing the How to Be a Super Hero series from Impress Your Kids. Since I have 2 boys at the top, I think they will get an absolute KICK out of this, and it will be nice to change things up a bit from our usual daily bible study. Watch for an update next week (hopefully)!

Finally, Awana starts up again tonight! As I type, both boys are upstairs going over their memory verses. The Boy is in his second year of Sparks and apparently wants to do his verses on his own. Bonus for reading! AND he is helping JJ to memorize his too! I am so thankful to see the heart for love and kindness that is being developed in these children – beginning answers to loads of prayer!

So as not to leaver her out, here’s a video of Keeker singing part of “Jesus Loves Me” to her Strawberry Cup-cake (as she calls her).

I would love to hear what you are doing and how you are teaching your kids from God’s word. Feel free to drop me a line so we can share the joy of teaching God’s truth!


The Pelsers