Last December we had our 4th precious babe. She’s a sweet little girl, very easy going, quite content to be a part of whatever we are doing. We took the whole month of December off to enjoy her and adjust as a family, and by the time January rolled around, I was raring to get back into the school routine.

Everything went fairly well for a few months, as she ate, slept, and generally didn’t make too many waves during our daily schedule. But then we hit 4 months old, and things started to change as she became more alert, active, vocal and wanted to be more a part of what we were doing. It was so fun seeing the changes happening, but at the same time made for some interesting juggles in our school day!

homeschool with a baby

I had the opportunity to guest post yesterday about How to Homeschool When You Have a Baby, over at Mercy is New. Candace has a great series going on by homeschool moms on Real Life Homeschooling. I’ve been loving all the posts, and I’d love for you to check out mine on Homeschooling with a Baby!

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