Homeschool parents, unite! If you are a homeschool parent, you’ve probably faced many a fear and moment of discouragement in your journey. Since homeschooling first became popular a few decades ago, a LOT has changed, but one thing has stayed the same.

We need to be encouraged. Those who have gone before us and those who are with us as the lines are being drawn need to draw near as we draw strength in this struggle.

There are so many decisions to make and questions we face: What curriculum to choose, what style of homeschooling to follow; will I be doing enough for them, am I overloading them with bookwork and not giving enough creative time? What will my family/neighbours/friends/school board think of me? How will I be wise and disciplined in using my/our time? How will we defend our decision?

Homeschool parents need encouragement. And you and I, we can be that encouragement for each other. We can talk out our fears, share our struggles, pray over plans and believe that what God has called us to, he will provide for. You can find encouragement here, in this space, and in many other places online where homeschoolers are united in their faith and decision to follow God’s plan for their family.

Homeschool parents can also get encouragement from joining a co-op or homeschool group. If you are struggling with your decision to homeschool, or having a hard time with different areas of study or teaching, a co-op homeschool group has so much to offer! Weekly meetings with other homeschool families who join together to study different topics, pray and worship and have fun together, provide  an opportunity for us to chat and share our hearts, receiving encouragement from moms who’ve been there and are there.

However, sometimes we don’t have access to co-op or homeschool groups, or we can’t find one that suits our family’s needs and schedule. What then?

How Homeschool Parents Get Encouragement

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That’s where the Teach Them Diligently Convention steps into the gap. Oh, what a breath of fresh air, depth of discipleship, and blessing of encouragement this homeschool conference (like no other conference!) is!

What makes Teach Them Diligently different from any other convention?

1. Discipleship of Dads

They’re a HUGE part of the success and support of our homeschool, and too often dads are left on the outskirts instead of being the centre. A LOT of the sessions during #HSTTD (that’s HomeSchool Teach Them Diligently ;D) are focused on equipping dads (and moms) to disciple and lead their family well, with a focus and not a frenzy. There’s even a really great men’s breakfast on 2 of the mornings!

2. Mentoring for Moms

Of course, moms are important too! And our needs are more related to emotional and questions we may ask about our teaching abilities (or feeling of lack thereof?!). I am blessed to call some of the past speakers at #HSTTD friends who have made a big impact and impression on my life. I am very excited to be encouraged even more in 2015 by moms who are going through the SAME THINGS we are, sweet friend!

3. Welcoming Wee Ones

#HSTTD has you covered for your kiddos! Ages 4-12 can join in the kids’ program and have a blast learning scripture, doing crafts, making new friends and worshipping together all day long!

Teens ages 13-18 can join the 4-12 Teen Program (an apologetics program put on by Apologia) as well as have opportunities to serve in various capacities throughout the convention.

If your little ones are VERY small, they are more than welcome in the majority of the sessions (of course, if they’re being a little loud, please take them out in the hall!). TTD doesn’t want you to miss the sessions, so many locations have closed-circuit video and audio for you to keep watching.

4. Valued Vendors, well, vending!

Come prepared with a list of what you’re looking for and prepare to be amazed! There is so much to see, it’s worth spending a few hours in the #HSTTD Marketplace to get acquainted with some of the vendors and fill out your wish list of books to bring back home. These are trusted vendors and all offer products and encouragement for homeschool families seeking to build their children’s faith and worldview as well as covering all subject areas of study, and so much more!

Psst, if you want to get a head start on your shopping, check out the Teach Them Diligently Marketplace online!

If you’ve already been to a Teach Them Diligently Convention, then you know exactly what I’m talking about! And there’s a great deal for returning families to register for 2015!

If you’ve never attended Teach Them Diligently, please consider doing so! There are 4 locations this year across the US (and some close to the Canadian borders as well!). Won’t you join us and other parents in receiving encouragement and guidance for our homeschool? Hope to see you in Ohio in May, 2015!

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