This is our final day of the 5 Days of Games for Kids series! I hope you’ve found some really fun games to add to your collection.

I’d love to hear from you what your favourite games are!

5 Days of Games for Kids

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Secretly Educational

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Today we’re talking about the games that we play that are secretly educational. Although most games teach something, these are the games that teach educational aspects in some ways or another, through play. They’re the ones you could use as a replacement for your math or English lesson ;0)

Educational Games for Kids

{Secretly} Educational Games for Kids





Bananagrams – Build crossword grids and use all your tiles first. There are many variations and options for free play.



Boggle – Boggle is like a self-contained word search and Scrabble game in reverse. Shake up the dice and find as many words as possible with the combinations.
Equate – Put down tiles on a board and make points by correctly completing simple equations. Your nine tiles include both numbers and mathematical symbols; you can add on to previous plays both vertically and horizontally.
geo dice

The goal is to name countries and capitals that start with the letters on the five Letter Dice, and that are within the continents on the two Continent Dice. With colorful dice and a two-sided Game Board that doubles as a world map, GeoDice is a beguiling introduction to world geography!

Monolpoly – Ah, Monopoly. What game collection would be complete without a copy? :D I’m here to tell you that Monopoly IS an educational game! How? It teaches math AND valuable concepts of everyday spending, saving and investing.
Racko – Race to position cards in a numerical sequence of 10 numbers. Teaches addition and subtraction.
story cubes
Rory’s Story Cubes – Is your creative writing time lacking a little? Pull out Rory’s Story Cubes to add some variety and fun! Roll the dice and make up a story with the combination of pictures.
shapes up
Shapes Up – Shapes Up is an exciting, fast-paced strategy game. Players fit shapes together, like a tangram, to cover their boards and form multi-colored squares. Roll the die, and choose the piece it shows you. Think carefully, but think fast. Adding to the chaotic fun, when players roll a hand symbol, they take a piece from another player’s board. The player whose board is filled first and yells “Shapes Up”, wins.
Sumology – This is very similar to Equate:
Helps children build equations and do more advanced math using all four of the basic operators. Players must place their tiles in crossword fashion either horizontally or vertically to create valid equations. Each equation is worth the sum of all the digits used. Play alternates until the pool of tiles is exhausted.
timeline inventions
Timeline – Learn about historical events and when they happened with this fun game. There are a few variations including Discoveries, Music & Cinema, and American History.
Was the light bulb invented before or after glasses? With Timeline, learn the answer to this question and many more. Each card has a different invention and on the opposite side its associated date.To begin, one card is randomly drawn from those not given to players. This is placed in the middle of the table, date-side up and is the starting point of a chronological line which will slowly be built by players. The first player then chooses one of their cards and place it before or after the initial card. The player’s card is then turned date-side up. If the player was right, it remains on the table. Otherwise, the card is discarded and a new one must be drawn to replace it. Play proceeds clockwise. The more cards which are correctly played, the harder it is to correctly place new ones!The first player to get rid of their cards wins.

Upwords – This is a classic spelling and word game where instead of building the words out (like Scrabble), the words are built, well, UP! It can be pricey and difficult to find, so watch for them at second hand stores, garage sales and online.
Yahtzee – One of my all-time favourites! Roll the dice and choose the best combinations for points. Add up your score at the end.

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