It is time! And I am so excited. You know you’re meant to homeschool when you start pulling out the books and schedule sheets and do a little happy dance. God is good, so grateful that every year is a new year, each day a new day, and amongst all the challenges, much joy!

Our curriculum this year is something I am extra specially excited about, because I feel like we’ve finally landed on books that we are all really happy with. We’re trying some new things this year, and I’m really grateful for how much we have been able to get our hands on. Not everything is decided just yet, but since I love reading everyone else’s curriculum lists, I’m sharing mine with you and the ihomeschoolnetwork’s Not Back to School Blog Hop.

Not Back to School Blog Hop

The Boy – Grade 3

Math – RightStart Mathematics level C

English – Easy Grammar Grade 3

Spelling РAll About Spelling Level 3 (and maybe 4 if he makes good progress and wants to keep going!)

Reading – I am coming up with my own curriculum. I’ve been compiling book lists from Ambleside, Sonlight, and lots of Living Books curriculum to help me figure out what to get him to read. He LOVES to read, it’s hard to figure out what level he is on though. As I develop it, I’ll be sharing on my blog what we’re reading and how we’re doing follow up. I’ll also be doing some book studies (like The Door in the Wall), but I haven’t decided on them all just yet!

Handwriting – Writing with Ease Level 3 and Handwriting Without Tears 2nd Grade (we just started this last year and still working on better handwriting. The 3rd grade level starts into cursive, so we’re holding back on that still)

Music – He’ll be starting piano lessons in September! Yay! We will also be doing some composers unit studies

JJ – Grade 1

Math – RightStart Mathematics Level A and B (we started Level A last year, but he’s taking a bit longer to catch on, so rather than forging ahead we’ve held him back and will pace him to see if we can finish level B by next year)

English – First Language Lessons Level 1

Spelling – All About Spelling Level 2

Reading – Until All About Reading Level 2 is released, we will be working through Pathways Grade 1 Reader and workbook

Handwriting – Handwriting Without Tears 1st Grade

Keeker – Preschool

Last year my little girl was so anxious to be doing schoolwork right along with the boys. So I was using Confessions of a Homeschooler Letter of the Week curriculum, and she has really been enjoying it. We’ll be using some more of that this year, and I’m also really excited to be starting All About Reading Level Pre-1 with her. I think she’s really going to enjoy it!

We are also using Rod and Staff’s Preschool A-B-C series – each book focuses on something different (A being basics, B bible stories, C numbers, etc.) and is just fun “busy-work” for her to be doing.

I am leading Five in a Row for our preschool-Gr 1 group at our co-op, so I’ll also be sharing some of what we’re doing with them for some ideas.


Science – We’re heading into our third book from Apologia – Swimming Creatures of the Fifth Day. I think this might be my kids’ favourite, they are SO in love with sea creatures! We’ll be adding library books and some from our collection for extra reading, and as always the journal. (2x / week)

I’m also hoping and planning to do some more nature studies with some of the fantastic unit studies available out there. You can see what I’m looking into on my pinterest board! One book I DEFINITELY need to purchase is The Handbook of Nature Study by Anna Botsford Comstock, and I hope to be participating in the Outdoor Hour Challenge. (2x / week)

Geography – Mostly just colouring pages and fact sheets about the provinces, I started studying each province in-depth this past year and it was too much, so we’re just going back to basics. I hope to use some activities also from Tree in the Trail and Seabird (2x / week)

History and Read-alouds – We are using Ambleside Online‘s recommended reading plan. Some of the books The Boy will be reading himself, others I’ll be reading aloud. Our current favourites are A Child’s History of the World, Our Island Story and Trial and Triumph. (Hopefully daily!)

Bible study – We do family devotions every morning, then usually something else during breakfast. We Choose Virtues will continue on throughout this year. I’m also starting Apologia Press’ Who Is God, possibly with both boys, we will see how it goes. And I’m hoping to add in Grapevine Studies (Daily)

Art – Grapevine Studies, and art classes with our co-op (2-3x / week)

Fitness – Gym with our co-op, skiing, skating and Family Time Fitness (which I’ve had for a year and never used – oopsie :D) (at LEAST daily)


Did I miss anything? Whew, that seems like a LOT when you get it all out on paper! But we won’t be doing every subject every day. We typically have swimming lessons once a week, so that’s half a day shot, and co-op on Fridays, leaving us with 3 full school days. I’m sure we’ll be making many changes throughout all of this as we go along – the beauty of homeschooling!

Hands down our family’s favourite subject is science. And one of our favourite extra resource books are the Usborne Great Search books. So, in celebration of the start of the new school year, I’m offering a giveaway of the Usborne Great Undersea Search!

Use the Rafflecopter form below to enter.  Giveaway will run until Sunday, August 12. Happy homeschool planning!

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