Who doesn’t love t shirts? Over the past couple of years, Ts have really been regaining ground in popularity. Whether you’re sporting one for your favourite sports team, wearing scripture, or encouraging words, it’s a great opportunity to share a message with others. I’ve really been liking the t shirts that are available out there, especially the ones that support ministries and organizations working in communities overseas! These are a few of my favourites!

Clothes with a Cause

Clothes with a Cause

Arrow Baby

Arrow Mama T

Arrow Baby gives 20% of profits to MakingRoots.org, which is an organization that works with people in Haiti.

Preemptive Love

Preemptive Love 700 faces T

Preemptive Love is a new organization I just heard about while stalking the Allume Conference feed on Instagram last week. They exist to provide a solution for a generation of children with heart defects. I’m SO excited about these guys, they’re on fire and God is working through them!

 Our Anthem Is Hope

Heart & Anchor T

My Anthem is BeautifulOur Anthem Is Hope provides super soft, tri-blend, sweatshop free rad looking Ts supporting amazing causes. Follow on Instagram or Facebook for updated Ts and causes.

Psst, they also have shirts for kids and men!

Heart and Anchor kids


Freedom Gate Movement

Free to Live T

Freedom Gate Movement seeks to bring freedom to the oppressed through sustainable farming and artisanal trade.

Mocha Club

Mocha Club is a community of people giving up the cost of a few mochas a month to fund development projects in Africa. We work in five main project areas: Clean Water, Education, Economic Freedom, Orphan Care, and Healthcare.

Our vision is to provide a way for people who don’t have hundreds or thousands of dollars to make a difference in Africa.

Giving is Lovely T

I Need Africa

100% of the profit goes to support Mocha Club’s work in Africa.

Threads by The Shine Project


Choose Courage tee

Sole Hope

Sole Hope kelly green tee

Sole Hope is another personal fave. Do you have any old jeans kicking around? (Who doesn’t?!) Turn them into shoes for children in Uganda to protect their feet from jiggers. We will be doing this over Christmas break with some friends, it’s not hard and doesn’t take a ton of time!

 Unlock Hope Uganda

Act justly wide neck

Unlock Hope Uganda is partnered with Think Humanity, an organization that runs a hostel in Hoima, Uganda for young refugee girls from all across Africa, many of whom are orphaned.  By providing them with quality healthcare, good food to eat and a safe place to live they are enabling them to get an education.

When you buy one of our products you are helping to cover every single expense necessary for supporting these girls in their pursuit of an education.    Health care, food, housing, utilities, transportation, support staff, school fees, clothing, uniforms, toiletries, school supplies, books and more are completely paid for – all thanks to you!

They also have these awesome keys on paper bead or regular chains, in the shape of Africa!Unlock hope paper bead key


Garment Collective

Garment Collective Ts

Watch for these Redemption Ts launching ANY DAY supporting men and women out of slavery.

Have you purchased Ts or clothes that share a message with others?

Which are your favourites? Share below!