The way we wear our clothes says a lot about who we are – our creativity, our interests, our focus. On top of that, how clothes fit, their style and design can totally make or break our attitudes in some circumstances. Good fit = good attitude!
Even socks. Yes, socks can play a big part in your wardrobe. I used to walk around all the time without socks on, even in the dead of winter! I just didn’t like how they felt or made my feet too hot. So I would never bother.
Mitscoots Kelly
I realize now that the real issue is that I’ve never had really good, comfortable socks. Too itchy, too stiff, too thin, too thick, too whatever. I just didn’t like the feel of socks on my feet.
But when I discovered that good fitting, well made socks made all the difference? I was in love. And Mitscoots has my heart.
Mitscoots Get

Mitscoots & #GetGiveEmploy

How Socks Are Making A 3 Fold Difference

Mitscoots Get Give Employ

Mitscoots socks has a really unique mission. They’re known for their #GetGiveEmploy philosophy of providing a fantastic product, giving one away, and employing someone to make that product who otherwise wouldn’t have a job.
It all began with a man named Tim Scott, whose desire to help provide clothing for those in need led him to start Mitscoots:

Can you explain a little bit about how Mitscoots was founded?

My wife and I used to volunteer in the Austin area with a group called Mobile Loaves and Fishes. It’s another great organization that goes out into the streets to provide food, water and second hand clothing items to those in need. They have an army of little trucks with the supplies and volunteers just drive around looking for who needs help.
Well, we had been volunteering for a while and were always shocked to see how many requests for socks we were getting. It was usually number 3 on the list. Food, Water, Socks.
Mitscoots Give
It kinda seemed like a silly thing to be such a prevalent need and we always thought it could be taken care of. So, we started to hand out socks from our car window on our own time for years. We were happy knowing that we were giving something to those in need that we knew for fact would have a positive impact in their day.
All the socks started to eat into our student loan budget so we kept thinking of ways to sustain the giving without having to ask anyone for anything. We really wanted to earn the ability to give to those in need. So the idea of a company was born. It started with just a one-for-one concept but has grown so much past that now it’s amazing.
Mitscoots Sam

How does #GetGiveEmploy work?

Our customers GET a great American made pair of socks. They GIVE another quality pair to someone who desperately needs it. And finally, they help us to EMPLOY another individual that is working hard to transition themselves out of homelessness.
Mitscoots Employ
So not only are you getting an awesome, quality, super cool American made pair of socks (Canadian friends, it’s ok to buy socks made in the US. It’s better than sweatshops overseas!), but you’re also providing another pair of socks for someone who actually needs it, AND a job! That’s a 3 fold difference!
Tim has some more to say about why he’s choosing to create socks in his own backyard.

What is the greatest impact you have seen by working with local production (vs. overseas)? Why would you say it is important to support shopping  and producing locally?

All production comes with it’s hurdles, but knowing the conditions of staff and sourcing is extremely important to us. We always want to make the right human decision even if it’s not the best business decision. We know that the manufacturers we work with are committed to that same mindset and the end result is an amazing relationship that supports local communities.

In what ways has Mitscoots impacted you or others on your staff, the homeless you’ve worked with, or those you’ve given references for?

Well, we certainly are all bigger sock nerds than we ever thought we would be! You know it s a rare breed that says they want to grow up and make socks for a living.

But in this wild little adventure we have found an amazing group that has learned creativity, dignity, and self reliance. Personally, I never though a little pair of socks could teach me so much about people and perspective.

We’ve been able to give away thousands of socks to those in need and give the tools to a few others to help lift themselves out their situation and on to a better life.

When the consumer world is so focused on cheap and fast, how would you encourage others to begin the change of shopping items that make a difference in the lives of others?

I suppose my hope is for consumers to just take a moment of pause before they buy. Maybe they can think to themselves, “Is there someone else on this planet that needs this thing more than me?” If there is, there is probably a company out there selling something to help others get that exact thing. You just have to look a little deeper.

Maybe if we start thinking of how to help others before ourselves we could take care of both.



I hope you didn’t miss that. The world of ethical, sustainable, fair trade fashion can be overwhelming. But the reality is that now, there are so many companies who are making products that make a difference in the lives of not only those who are producing them, but those who are buying them. You can use your purchases to make a difference!

If you’re not sure where to start, I’ve begun a list of companies that provide fair trade, ethically and sustainably produced products. And there’s so much more on the internet, so let those fingers do the walking!

As far as Mitscoots goes, you can’t go wrong with these socks! I wash and wear mine multiple times a week (I think I need a few more pairs :D), they’re that good!

Mitscoots active

And the goodness doesn’t just stop with the cool designs and comfort – Mitscoots also has active and performance socks (for the men, ladies AND kids!) that are wicking, comfortable, AND stay on in your winter boots while you get to the gym ;0)

So maybe you’d like a new pair of socks  (or a few pairs!) this Valentine’s Day weekend? I’d suggest taking a look at the newly released Zach and Alise – or Sam, Kelly, Delany, Valdy, Michael…. the list goes on and on!

There’s something for everyone, from the men’s, women’s or kids’ line, Mitscoots has your feet covered.

Mitscoots The Zach

Mitscoots The Alise