This is it folks! 1 more day until the new face of Serving From Home is revealed! A fresh, new look for a fresh, new season. I have been so amazed at just how much work it takes to put together a new blog look – from re-categorizing posts to make things easier to navigate, to fixing missing pictures, to hashing out ideas for landing pages, to the actual design work I haven’t even touched any of but have our friend from Blackpixel Studio to thank – it seriously takes an army of work to redesign!

To celebrate our Spring release, I have some fantastic prizes to give away! Each item is something to refresh or renew an area of your life for Spring. Though the weather outside may still be frightful, our hearts are definitely turning toward warmer weather. It IS almost April after all!

It’s a Spring Thing Celebration!

spring thing celebration

Restore Your Soul

I have been blessed by the challenge that is #WritetheWord from The Seed Company and End Bible Poverty. We take for granted how quickly and easily we can access God’s word in so many ways and forms. It’s been heavy on our hearts lately those who are being persecuted, sent to jail, executed for simply speaking the name of Jesus – how quickly we forget!


Journibles helps us go deeper into appreciating the access we have to the word of God by writing out Scripture. Each book is beautifully bound and becomes a keepsake as you fill it with Truth and what you learn as you write. Grow in your faith and memorize scripture as you write out 1 and 2 Corinthians:

“In Deuteronomy 17, Moses is leaving final instructions concerning the future of Israel. As a prophet of God, Moses foretells of when Israel will place a king over the nation (v. 14). In verse 18, the king is commanded to not simply acquire a copy of the law (the entire book of Deuteronomy) from the “scroll publishing house,” but to hand write his own copy of the law. Thirty-four hundred years later, educators are “discovering” that students that physically write out their notes by hand have a much greater retention rate than simply hearing or visually reading the information. Apparently, God knew this to be true of the kings of Israel also. From such understanding came the conception of this series of books.”

Refresh Your Life

Who doesn’t like a little bit of pampering? I know I could sure use some especially after this crazy fun week!

spring pampering

My favourite nail polishes are from Essie – they go on so smooth, you need very little for coverage, and it lasts a long time! A pretty pink coral for spring is a perfect pick-me-up.

Puravida Bracelets helps provide full-time work for artisans in Costa Rica. These little beauties are so much fun to wear! (Check out my twitter for a 50% off your first order discount!)

Bring some colour and fun to freshen up your wardrobe with an infinity scarf from ARA Gifts.

Brighten up Your Home

During small group this week, we had a new gentleman over who is on the journey to seeking and growing in Christ, and he commented on how much Scripture we have up in our home, and how beautiful it was to see. Again, it’s so easy to take for granted the access we have to God’s word! rejoice Naptime Diaries print I love looking around and seeing Truth on the walls and furniture, and Naptime Diaries’ prints are some of our favourites. What more perfect way could there be to brighten up your home than with God’s word?

Rearrange Your Thoughts

Simplify. It seems that is what our being screams for these days. In a world of access and excess, we just want peace, calm, simple, but it’s all we can do most days to just try to survive. Crystal Paine’s new book Say Goodbye to Survival Mode: 9 Simple Strategies to Stress Less, Sleep More, and Restore Your Passion for Life seeks to help us do just that – help us simplify and streamline. She talks about the why and the how to slow down and thrive, and it’s so inspiring and refreshing from what the world is pushing on us now of pursuing, having, doing, being more, more, more! I tell you, I am ready to decrease! a Rafflecopter giveaway

Come back tomorrow for the new launch, another giveaway, and some exciting news! I’m going to be on the air with the Ultimate Homeschool Radio Show!

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