We’ve all been there. The kitchen is cleaned up, food is ready, kids are somewhat presentable…but the house?! Oh my! It looks like a bomb went off with all the little bits and pieces of clutter scattered from the front to the back door, and there’s only 10 minutes before your guests arrive! What’s a mom to do?!
How to Clean Your Home in 10 Minutes or Less

Don’t panic. I’m going to share with you the biggest trick a mom could have up her sleeve for just such a time as this. I’m going to show you how to clean your home in 10 minutes or less. Are.You.READY?!

grab a laundry basket

1. Grab a laundry basket. Preferably one of those retro ones that are a sturdier plastic than the current cheap-o Walmart jobbies. You’re gonna need the stability.


2. Blitz! Start at the front door. Bend, reach, pick up, and place every.single.last.item – on the floor, on the chairs, under the table, in the cushions – from the front to the back door. Load that thing up!

fist pump

3. Stand proud as your children watch dumbfounded at the whirlwind that is mom just finished cleaning up the entire main floor in less than 10 minutes. Oh yeah. Fist pump!

deposit basket in laundry room

4. Deposit the jam-packed basket full of goodies into the laundry room or an off-limits bedroom upstairs.

You have just finished the seemingly giant task of trying to clean your home in 10 minutes or less – wasn’t that easy? Give yourself a HIGH FIVE! Go enjoy it, for a few minutes anyway, before it’s all a mess again.

Yes, you do have a huge basket of junk in your laundry room now – don’t forget about it! After your guests are gone, pull it out and enlist the help of your children to put everything back in it’s place.

So when you come over to my house and say “Wow, nice, how did you get it so clean?” – just don’t open the laundry room door ;0)

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