I have so much to be thankful, it is difficult to know where to start!

For one thing, I have an amazing husband to whom I have been married to for 8 years, and I am so grateful for him! We spent a fantastic couple of days away, just the two of us, up north skiing and snowboarding and just spending time together. We haven’t had opportunity like that to just sit and talk and relax in months!

I’m grateful we have family nearby who are willing and able to take care of all 3 kids so we can do something like this. I know it is a huge blessing, something not everyone is able to do! And the kids always have a blast at Grandma and Grandpa’s – Keeker didn’t even want to come home! It is truly amazing how a little break like this can restore the heart and soul of a marriage, and make you eager and ready to get back to your kids, appreciating everything about them all the more!

Our small group is tight – we have great discussions together, digging deep into God’s word, holding each other accountable, praying for each other. God is good and he knows our needs! They also blessed us with a cake and restaurant gift card since we had small group on our anniversary.

I am so thankful that God has brought so many people into my life, some whom I have never met and may never meet – who are close to kindred spirits, who drop everything and pray their hearts and souls out for you when you ask, who are not afraid to challenge, encourage and sharpen me. I am so thankful for God-honouring relationships, friendships that do not care about the distance between us, but focus on hearts desiring to serve God.

God is an awesome creator – the majesty and wonder of a snowflake – I saw some on the window of the van, wished I could have gotten a photograph myself! So tiny, intricate, perfect, every last crystal.
DSCN0147 edited by melindajane, on Pix-O-Spherephoto credit

The sun shining down through the glittering flakes as they fall to the ground; shimmering on the already mounded snow, melting gradually into each other, shining – it brings such joy and wonder and excitement to my heart!

The January Joy Dare has ended, but I’m heading full-on into the February Joy Dare! These are some fantastic prompts, and I am loving looking for things specifically and randomly to praise God for.

3 gifts that might never have been:

164. Friendships, skiing with the boys, children’s worship at church.

3 graces found in your friends:

165. Powerful words of prayer, encouragement, visits/reconnecting after a couple years and it’s like nothing changed between us or no time had passed

A song heard, a soft word, where you saw light

166. Restore my soul

167. Be still, I love you, give it to me

168. Cold, wintry sunrise coming in the back door

3 old things seen new

169. My Oma’s old tupperware, old buildings made into new homes, snow on the slopes

A gift found on paper, in a person, in a picture

170. Card from friends for our anniversary

171. My husband

172. Our children, whom we miss after 3 days away!

A gift found at 11:30 am, 2:30 pm and 6:30 pm

173. New ski boots for JJ

174. The Boy vacuuming his room – by volunteer!

175. Dropping the boys off to Awana