Writing for 31 days on one topic  was a blessing and, while I wouldn’t say curse, a definite challenge! I really had to knuckle down and focus my morning time in order to get in time for research, writing and social media-ing that wouldn’t happen much during the day with a full school schedule. Some days I let the posts slide, too exhausted to continue and just needing a break. Other days I let my quiet time with the Lord go, and though I’m not proud of it, nor do I recommend it, the dryness of not having time in God’s word increased my hunger all the more for the next day.

Honestly, I didn’t set out to join #write31days at all until something started moving in my heart – an inner passion came bubbling out, thanks to the encouragement from friends already writing about it, and research I began doing on ethical fashion. My heart broke and soared simultaneously as I read about situations that can be prevented, the lives that could be forever changed, if only the voices of a few were raised and the agendas of a few were connected to spread the word, educate minds, encourage hearts and make it happen.

i am your voice 2

Then doubt set in. What could one person really accomplish? Who did I think I was taking this on? Certainly I was no expert, and definitely not experienced (remember, I JUST started researching it in-depth days before the challenge began).

What I was overlooking and unaware of is the power of one voice. Those questions and doubts I had were lies. For, in some instances, experience, expertise and research don’t matter as much. It’s the heart, the passion, and the desire to see people changed that makes the difference.

May I encourage you? Your voice matters. Your choices, however seemingly small or insignificant, do carry impact and do make a difference. Don’t be afraid to speak out on something because it seems too huge for you to handle. One voice quickly becomes many.


Confession Time

audience of one - photo from life hacker

I have been guilty of following off on rabbit trails with my writing here, attempting to pursue areas and avenues that are not mine to pursue. I have held my writing with a closed hand, wanting what I want, desiring to write what I thought people wanted to hear, or would be the most popular. I have been too easily distracted by every squirrel that looks good or seems to be working for someone else.

I like to act quickly, to get things done, and sometimes that means I haven’t spent time seeking God on whether it’s something I should do or if it’s the best yes for me.  It makes me scattered, disorganized, frustrated, too busy, and essentially, a poor steward of this space and platform God has blessed me with.

After listening to constant, loving, prodding reminders from my dear friend, and the Lord working in my heart, I am recommitting this space for his glory. I commit to praying over “new areas” of writing that I haven’t written on before or am not necessarily passionate about and holding off until (or if) he gives me the green light.

I commit to writing what God places on my heart, but also what my readers came here for in the first place. Ultimately, I want this space to be for the Audience of One, for his glory. But you’re a part of this ministry as well!

And that’s where I need your help.

Would you let me know in the comments what brought you here, what you’d like to see less of, and what you’d like to see me write more about? What do you want to know? How can I encourage you?