I’ve been reading through 2 Samuel with my 3-chord accountability group at church. Yesterday was 2 Samuel 11 – David’s sin with Bathsheba.

David may very well have originally “stumbled” upon Bathsheba, not looking for trouble. But the trouble began when he gave in to the temptation, and inquired about who she was. Now that he knew, he just had to have her. And things spiraled downhill from there very quickly – from a temptation to look led to murder.
It is so easy for us to fall into sin if we allow ourselves to be in situations where we can be tempted. Whether it is indulging in too much food to change our mood, or letting loose on the kids because we’re keeping everyone too busy, or we’re too tired or didn’t focus on the Lord early in the morning, we always need to be on our guard against temptation.
Recently, I have been praying through the armour of God each morning – as well as asking the Lord to help me to use the fruit of the Spirit. Something I have learned is that I HAVE the fruit of the Spirit because the Spirit is already within me – USING the fruit is another thing though.
Lord, help me to guard myself always with the armour that you have given to me through your word and your spirit. Help me to use and give the fruit of the Spirit each day so I am prepared to face temptations when they come head on.