A couple months ago, my husband and I had the great privilege of attending another Paul David Tripp conference. The one we went to last year was on parenting and was such an encouragement and challenge to us! This year, the focus was on Marriage: What Did You Expect? 

The way Paul speaks is straight-t0-the-gut. He doesn’t pussy-foot around details: he’s in your face honest and real about the struggles of sinful hearts that both a husband and a wife bring to the table in a marriage. You think you’ve got problems? Well, you’re part of it! 

If you’re dying in your marriage, there’s something you need to know. Even if you’re feeling only slightly irritated, or annoyed, or suffer from the occasional quirk-induced rampage – there’s something you need to know.

About you, about the person you married, and about the God who drew you together.

“A biblical definition of marriage is a flawed person married to a flawed person in a fallen world….but with a faithful God.” (Paul David Tripp, “What Did You Expect?”).

Your marriage needs to begin with the acknowledgement that you are a sinner. Your spouse is a sinner. The world you live in is full of sin.

But God is faithful.

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