Isaiah 32:9-11 ESV
Rise up, you women who are at ease, hear my voice;

you complacent daughters, give ear to my speech.

In little more than a year

you will shudder, you complacent women;

for the grape harvest fails,

the fruit harvest will not come.

Tremble, you women who are at ease,

shudder, you complacent ones;

strip, and make yourselves bare,

and tie sackcloth around your waist.

In my reading through Isaiah, I was a little bit surprised to find again another warning to women specifically.  Usually everything is addressed to “sons”, “he/him”, etc. But here again is another reference to women, specifically. God knew what he was doing when he was giving this word to Isaiah. Here he warns us against the sin of complacency – we are meant to pursue hard after a relationship with God, and to follow his truth and his commandments. We are never to be satisfied with where we are spiritually – always hungry, always thirsty.

I struggle with having a meaningful, quality quiet time every day – spending good time studying my bible, praying, not just to pray and get it over with, but to really connect with my heavenly Father and pour out before him. I don’t always desire to do it (Monday morning, for example, being a holiday, a real temptation was to just skip it!), but I pray that my desire grows and that I am never just happy with where I am, thinking I’m ok (that’s a huge temptation when things are going well, especially with quiet times!) but always desiring more.

There is a song by Watermark, which I first heard about 6 years or so ago. About being passionate for our Father. The words always resonate within me, constantly. It is something I desire, I long for, but often fall so far short of.

One Pure and Holy Passion

Give me one pure and holy passion

Give me one magnificent obsession

Give me one glorious ambition for my life

To know and follow hard after you

To know and follow hard after you – not after status, clothing, homeschooling, children, husband – YOU. God, and my Lord Jesus Christ, ALONE.

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