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Monday was one of those days that felt like you’d already been through a week’s worth of issues by bed time. The kids were difficult, wild and distracted, we started school late, dinner was a flop so we had leftovers – again. And the groceries needed to be done – which my husband had more than willingly conceded to take off my plate – that is until he got sick and had to head to bed instead.

Kids and hubby in bed, kitchen mostly cleaned up, I dragged my feet into the laundry room to collect the grocery bags, in near tears as I was already so exhausted I didn’t know HOW on earth I could still do 2 weeks’ worth of grocery shopping.

I recalled verses I heard on Sunday about God’s power. My post earlier in the day about all glory to Him, and our source of strength. I cried out, asking for my Lord’s help, telling him there was nothing left in me, and it was going to have to be all him to get through this seemingly minor task.

All the way to the grocery store I wanted to be grumpy, yet I prayed for the joy of the Lord to be my strength. In the 10 minute drive to the store, God showed up, and showed me in little blessings in disguise that he cares for me and shall supply all my needs:

  • Driving past the church and seeing the parking lot full – it’s a women’s bible study night! Praise God!
  • Getting every green light on the way to the grocery store, including the really short one on our main corner getting out of our neighbourhood
  • Finding a parking spot really close to the doors (bonus for shopping after 8:00 :D)
  • Although not having a quarter for the cart, choosing to not be soured by it and finding someone who had one to trade quickly
  • Entering the grocery store to find a completely changed – for the better! – and easier to maneuver layout
  • Having the store mostly to myself – and no kids in tow!
  • Running into a friend I randomly run into at this store and being encouraged by her smiling face and words
  • No wait at the checkout counter
  • Gracious people behind me as I had arrived to the only cashier open being the express lane – picture me with a ginormous cart full in the 1-16 items lineup :D
  • Friendly and chatty cashier

Had I kept my stinky attitude in leaving the house and chosen to be so soured by the circumstances of the day, I would probably have missed all these small blessings that God brought across my path. And though my back hurt and I was even more tired when I got home, during the whole time I felt energized and cheerful, and miraculously not tired!

So I am thankful that I chose joy – and that I chose to let my joy and my strength come from the Holy Spirit. What difficult circumstances have you been able to pray through and see God’s blessings?