Every Wednesday I am hoping to share something pertaining to “words”. From funny things the kids are saying, to new ideas/concepts for words and how to use them (editorial typos and grammatical errors drive me BONKERS!) to what I/we are learning from God’s Word.
This week – Kids say the funniest things!

They just have a completely different way of viewing things and when they reiterate it to us, it’s hysterical! I have a friend who lives in Virginia whose kids’ quotes I am constantly almost peeing my pants from reading they’re so funny. I just love the way kids think and speak!

At the prompting of my mother-in-law and a few friends, I’ve been keeping a book of the kids’ sayings and doings. Unfortunately, since I’ve only started doing it in the last year, I missed a lot.

But for certain, our 2nd-born is the FUNNIEST of the 3 (for now, at least until the last one starts talking more than 2 word sentences :D).

And when he doesn’t have his mouth full of food, this boy is just poppin’ off with hilarious sentences and ideas! 

Here are a few of the gems from the last little while:

“Subways run on electric rails and if someone jumps on them, they’ll get squished like a grape!” (Uh, he’s 4, how does he know this?!)

(while watching the Super Bowl) “Look! They have hard hats on!”

(on the toilet – sorry, maybe this is TMI?) “I think there’s an earthquake in my bum!”

J – “They look like sea cucumbers.”
Me – “What does?”
J – “My pant legs look like sea cucumbers!”

J – “Oh man, my sausage keeps falling out of my bun!” (seriously, I don’t think he says much without an exclamation at the end of his sentences)
Me – “Where is it now?”
J – “It fell down…into my tummy.”

“Do you smell that smell I smell?”

Will – “I’m going to be a police officer when I grow up.”
J – “I’m going to be an ice cream man!”

And, one of my absolute favourites:

“Now look what you did! You’ve ruined our mother!” (after my hubby splashed juice all over me from shaking the jug :D)

Have a happy Wednesday!