I have been wanting to do some week in review posts for our homeschool, but keep finding myself floundering around trying to find a format that I like. So, after spending a few months observing those of you who post on your homeschool weeks in a wrap up post, I have decided there’s no one formula :D Instead, I am going to take a combination of some elements that I really like to try and give an over all view for myself (and anyone else that might be interested) what exactly happened in the week previous and how we have struggled or grown, and what needs to be changed.

Thanks to The Homeschool Chick, Educating Laytons, Homeschool Creations, 1+1+1=1, and Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers for the inspirations! I’ll be linking up to some of you!

In my life this week…I am learning a lot about just how weak I am – my intentions and goals, falling to the wayside, being trampled under busyness and lack of self control. I obviously need to have a re-focus session on a daily basis, and make a schedule for myself to follow so I know where my time is going! I need to read Tell Your Time and re-read Blogger Behave, for sure.

My youngest boy turned 5 on Thursday! I can’t believe how much he has grown. JJ is such a character and a real joy and blessing in our family – grateful for our 3 arrows!

In our homeschool this week… we decided to not take the 2nd week that the schools get off for Christmas break – we were going stir crazy having everyone sick over the holidays and indoors, so thought it best to just jump back in with both feet! Granted, we eased in, slowly and gradually, and so far everyone is still loving school!

I decided that Keeker needed to have a more structured “school” time – well actually, SHE decided :D So I’ve finally started using some of the great printables I have from Homeschool Creations, 1+1+1=1, Spell Out Loud and Confessions of a Homeschooler. She is LOVING the one-on-one! No more “what can I do mommy?” as she knows her time is coming. We tackled letter A this week – for astronaut and apple, did a bit of counting, and she’s getting really good at tracing! However, she’s definitely finished within 15-20 minutes, then happy to go back to playing by herself.

JJ and The Boy have been doing LOTS of reading and lego – along with their usual phonics and spelling lessons. Yay for hands on play!

What we drew… We used Draw, Write Now to teach the boys how to draw turtles to go along with our Apologia Science lesson.

JJ drew a dinosaur.

What we read… The Boy read “Keep the Lights Burning Abbie” (we used this resource to get some further information on lighthouses, Abbie and answer some comprehension questions). He also read Hans Christian Anderson’s “A Gift For Hans” and “What the Old Man Does is Always Right“. We are working through “Farmer Boy” in our read-aloud time, and I’m hoping to add “The Little Prince” (Free on our kindle!) by next week.

What’s working/not working for us… This first week back is a new format – ALL of The Boy’s work is done first, then I move on to starting JJ on work sheets while The Boy does reading or drawing, and then jump to Keeker, then focus on JJ. With some minor adjustments on timing, and having MORE worksheets available, I think it will work well. For now :D

JJ has started reading on his own (just in time for his 5th birthday!) and I am finding it a struggle to keep him challenged with the curriculum we have for reading. It’s too soon to start First Language Lessons, but he is beyond what we are doing now, so I am looking at a possible option like All About Reading for a transition. Any thoughts or suggestions would be great!

I am inspired by… I am so thankful for the great network and community of homeschooling moms who post their struggles and triumphs, curriculum, schedules and reviews! It is so helpful to see what others are doing, ask questions, and receive encouragement. Thank YOU!

My husband, who sent me these long stemmed roses today – because he loves me.

My favorite thing this week was… watching the boys get into JJ’s new lego set, The Boy helping him to build and seeing JJ willing to share his birthday cereal with his siblings (after a gentle encouragement :D).

I’m reading…How to Have a H.E.A.R.T. for Your Kids, 1000 Gifts (yes, still :D), 31 Days to Build A Better Spouse.

I’m cooking…with my meal plan! Plus, my 2nd ever cake from scratch for JJ’s birthday, as per his request.

I’m grateful for… the love of a husband who forgives my many shortcomings.

I’m praying for… my children to grow in compassion and kindness; my husband to grow in wisdom and love; me to grow in grace and to be a good steward

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