In our homeschool this week…

This first week back to school has been an interesting and fun one! Not as interesting compared to last year where I sprained my ankle on day 2 and we spent most of September doing nothing, but still an adventure!

We started off easy with our basic subjects, working mainly on finding a good routine for our day and doing a bit of review. Thankfully I had the foresight to plan some school over the summer, so we didn’t have a LOT of review to do! Good thing because we had lots of catch up when The Boy came down with the flu on day 2.

We spent some time playing with boxes.

Formal schooling included helping Keekers to follow instructions (she’s a good listener, just not as good a follower :D)

and our usual workbooks for phonics and writing.

The Boy did lots of sleeping and reading and was back in the saddle (mostly) by day 3.

My favourite activity this week was combining our colours and counting with Keeker’s beads and strings. She did a great job following my instructions!

And do you think she’s organized much? Each coloured string had 2 of the same matching coloured beads on them! She cracks me up!

Places we’re going, people we’re seeing….

Our 4th day of school we spent at the Pickering Museum Village with our co-op group. It is a great little village replicating life in the area from the 18oos. Our tour guide, Mrs. Cowan, was fantastic! So good with the kids, and though there was a lot of information to learn and absorb, they all enjoyed it.

Keekers was reunited with her friend Rachel and the two of them were just hilarious together all day!

In the yard of the one-room schoolhouse we had a tug o war – the teams were so evenly matched, they tried 3 different times and there was no winner!

Inside the kids learned a bit about what would happen in a pioneer school – from who would attend, who sat where, how discipline was handled, etc.

From there we went downhill to our “lean to” – temporary shelter that the pioneers would build while finding and clearing land and building a log cabin.

We crossed Duffins Creek to look for salmon – they’re running at this time of year, but we didn’t see any :(. The kids had fun with stick races though!

In the blacksmith shop (which is over 200 years old!) they learned a bit about working with metal and were able to each make a dinner triangle.

In the barn they stuffed a mattress with straw (yes, they’d sleep 4 or more kids on one mattress!)

and made flour with a hand mill.

Good practice, I’m looking forward to hopefully getting my own grain mill soon!

The flour we then turned into scones in the one-room cabin. Yummy!

They made tree-nails out of wood for building and rope out of twine.

Things I’m working on…

More grace – as the Lord has given to me. More fun in our homeschool – not being so stuck to the schedule!

I’m reading…

Kept – a study on 1 Peter

Handbook of Nature Study

First Time Obedience, really? (a heart changing article from Sally Clarkson)

The Widow of Larkspur Inn – thanks to Jolanthe for the free kindle recommendation! So far it’s great!

I’m grateful for…

501. Cooler nights

502. Splash park visits

503. A new haircut!

504. Rain showers

505. Cinnamon rolls and coffee

506. Sun-soaked brown heads and skin

507. Fabric ready to be made into new baby blankets

508. My faith

509. My little ones growing in their faith and maturity

510. My growing baby and belly :0)

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