In our homeschool this week…

Week 2 of back to school started off incredibly difficult, and by the grace of God got better from there! Our first week was excellent, so I had high hopes for this week too, forgetting I was adding in more subjects! It took some manuevering, and every day is a different story, but we seem to somewhat be clicking into a routine of sorts.

The Boy started with Easy Grammar this year (level 3), which so far I am loving! I have floated back and forth in the camp of early instruction vs. holding off on it, and while I felt First Language Lessons wasn’t quite enough, I’m glad we’re not doing more and he’s not getting bogged down with rules in his writing – that will come! Easy Grammar is a great fit, and most of it he can do on his own – bonus so mom has more time to work with the other two!

He had his first piano lesson this week, and so far he’s loving it – and the practicing :D It was a stipulation in our house growing up that everyone had to learn piano, and if they didn’t want to later on, they could pick another instrument – but we had to be involved in music in some way. And I’m so glad we were, I just wish I could have kept up with my piano lessons longer!


JJ (as well as The Boy) continues to be an avid reader and is learning to respond to questions about what he read. Grade 1 is so easy now that I’ve done it once already, haha! He’s really been loving getting creative in his drawings, and the both of them are eager as ever to write or draw something in their “thankful journals” each day.



Keekers started All About Reading Level Pre-1 – and it’s working out fantastic! We’re doing one capital letter a week for now, then when it moves to lowercase we’ll pick up the pace a bit.


I’m combining the lessons as much as I can with extra worksheets from my favourite sources:

Homeschool Creations


Confessions of a Homeschooler

We are also rowing 1 book a week (hopefully!) and I’m looking forward to sharing our adventures in that!

Our nature studies continued! I am amazed at what we can find just by going out in our backyard. One afternoon we ate lunch out there and we saw a sparrow in our rain gutter, japanese beetles on our rose of sharon, a spider carrying off a crane fly, and a baby rabbit being whisked away by a stray cat (that last one was rather shocking).

We lifted up a board and found all kinds of fun insects underneath.


Our nature walk was focused on observing and gathering insects – LOADS of ants to be found, and they went after them like crazy kids! Even Keeker got in on the fun :0)


Journaling when we got home they drew a picture of one of their insects and wrote as much as they could about it – I have to follow up still with the scientific information.


Speaking of science, we did a great experiment to show how blood pressure works! We’ve been studying ungulates and how giraffes’ bodies pump the blood up so high. It was pretty cool, and they got it!


I am inspired by…

Reading all the stories of my bloggy friends who are taking on weight loss challenges right now – specifically Kristi, Jodi and Kelli – you go girls! I’m cheering you on!

My favourite thing this week was…

Watching a rare moment where everyone was working on something at the same time!


Things I’m working on…

A blogging schedule. A better housework routine. Setting up our fall decor – yay I love fall! Getting up on time in the morning…getting harder! Researching and planning our Five in a Row book.

I’m cooking…

French bread!


I’m grateful for…

A few date nights in the last week with my hubby! One out for his dad’s birthday, and another one in last night where we ordered in food after the kids went to bed – nice!

Questions/Thoughts I have…

What will this new baby look like? What will she be like? She is the most active inside that anyone has been, and it’s such a joy and delight to feel her rolling around inside! We seriously cannot WAIT to meet her! 12 more weeks to go!


I’m praying for…

Friends who the Lord is taking through some trials. My children’s hearts to be turned toward their God and for a greater understanding of his word. My husband and all the responsibilities he is juggling. Small groups at church as they start up again next week!


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