In my life this week….

It’s been a whirlwind few weeks. We’ve had 2 birthdays, my husband and Keekers, and 1 more to go for March!

2 March birthdays

I’ve been researching some ideas for Easter, practicing for our church choir, attempting to get a better hold on our meal plans (and grocery shopping!), FINALLY sent the birth announcements/Christmas cards (record-breaking late!), capturing a lot of baby snuggles, and washing a LOT of diapers :0)

baby snuggles


Oh, and I got a haircut!

Spring haircut Hello short hair!

 In our homeschool this week…

Catching up on a BUNCH of weeks missed! We’ve done letter Q, R and S – but our computer died this week so we didn’t have anything to print and we did lots of crafts instead.


I’ve moved Keekers from a tot school to more of a preschool approach – she’s definitely on her way to needing more challenging things! Every day is different though – some days she wants to do the work, others she just wants to play Littlest Pet Shop :0)

R week

I think I’ve finally found a groove in our school day where the boys are doing their independent work in the morning while I work with Keekers / play with Eliana, then I switch over to working with each boy. We’re mostly finished by lunch with the couple extras after (science/history/art/reading). It’s been working out really well!

The Boy and I spent a good deal of time working on some early geometry (check out my Tactile Tuesday post here on Snowflakes and Geometry!).

I STINK at geometry!

geometryI’m going to need help when we actually get to the more complicated stuff! It took me a really long time to figure out how to divide a triangle into thirds and fourths, but once I showed him he was able to do it quickly.

 JJ is learning place value and adding to the thousands! We love RightStart Math!

Learning place value with RightStart math

Helpful homeschooling tips of advice to share…

I wrote this post on Monday about our New Normal and homeschooling with a new baby. MAKE A SCHEDULE! :0)


Places we’re going, people we’re seeing…


The girls got their ears pierced last week!


My favourite thing this week was…

The snow! Ok, not really. It’s about time that the snow melted already! So much for an early spring :0) But last night hubby and I went out on our first date night without the baby since Miss E was born. Sushi time!

date night sushi night

My kiddos favourite thing this week was…

Our Creating a Masterpiece art project! Check out my review here! (There’s even a giveaway!)

Creating a Masterpiece

Things I’m working on…

A REALLY cool birthday week of giveaways coming up. Yes, I have a really BIG birthday (something about golden, or champagne ;D) coming up on the 30th. Next week I’ll be giving away a bunch of fun stuff! Stay tuned!


I’m cooking…

Lots of baked goods! Which technically is baking :D

loads of baking

I’m grateful for…

My husband who is there to encourage and remind me that though the days seem long and sometimes dark, we can’t just throw in the towel. It is the Lord we are serving!

cutie monkey

I’m praying for…

My childrens’ hearts to soften to the Lord’s calling on their lives.


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