Just over a week later, and we are SO CLOSE to seeing our butterfly!
This just on Tuesday – you can start to see the outline of the wings and the head curled under.

Because of the jar Cat is in, it’s difficult to get good, focused, close-up photos (my camera keeps on wanting to focus on the jar! :D). This was taken yesterday afternoon:

And just last night!
Even more definition of the wings and now the pop of orange colour!

This morning we’re able to see everything through the chrysalis, but it’s still not 100% see-through.

 I think we are going to be taking Cat with us everywhere today, this is not something I want to miss!

Typically the monarch pupate for 2 weeks, but it’s been pretty hot and bright in our house, so I’m guessing it is speeding up the process.

Stay tuned, I may have another update for you by the end of the day!