In case you missed part 1 and part 2, here is a quick recap of the Top 5 Reasons to Visit Lancaster, Pennsylvania:

#5 – Outlet Malls

#4 – Amish country

#3 – History

Now on with the remaining two reasons!

#2 – Family friendly

Driving down the Lincoln Highway, you will notice right away the many signs for attractions in the area – most of which are incredibly family friendly! Right away you will see Dutch Wonderland – and before you even enter Lancaster there are signs for Hershey Park. There is also the Railroad museum of Pennsylvania, Strasburg Railroad and Thomas’ Trackside Station (we HAVE to go back here with our boys!), billions of farmer’s markets with fun activities for the kids, buggy rides and much more! Definitely worth a week of family fun.

Plus, some of our favourite U.S. restaurants are all right together on the main drag. If you’ve never been to Red Robin, you need to go – especially if you like a burger that beats what little actual meat there may be in a McRaunchy’s “hamburger” to a pulp. And try the red sweet tea – it’s to DIE FOR!

Sonic Drive-In is there – their Limeades and Fruit Slushes are amazing.

As if that wasn’t enough, there’s also an Olive Garden, and…wait for it…CHICK FIL A IS OPENING NEXT YEAR!

Seriously, what’s not to love?

#1 – Sight and Sound Theatre

Please note that the afore-mentioned reasons for visiting Lancaster are solely my own opinion and not influenced by anything but the amazing experience we had there recently.

The #1 reason (in my book) to visit Lancaster, PA, is to go to the Sight and Sound Theatre.

If you haven’t heard of this theatre before, it is a Christian faith-based theatre which “exists to visualize and dramatize the Bible”. It began in 1975 as a small multimedia slideshow of photographs, and has now turned into a huge production involving a lot of artistic lighting, and special visual and audio effects (in fact, we know someone who does huge productions at a church in our area who goes down there to watch the shows and get inspiriation!). In a word – phenomenal.  They have done stories on Noah, Ruth, Daniel, Psalms of David – I wish I could see them all!

Tim and I have been to see The Sound of Music and Lion King on stage. The production of “Joseph” we saw at the Sight and Sound Theatre blew both of them out of the water. The the stage was huge and included live animals, amazing props, audio, visual and many talented actors and actresses. Not only that, but the story line was completely accurate (at the very beginning they warned us that a few characters were added or embellished for the sake of the dramatic story telling) and moving, as it showed us Joseph’s struggle to trust God and forgive others. On top of that, at the end of the show, there was a gospel message briefly offered, as well as prayer teams available to pray if it was needed. Talk about an amazing ministry!

If you ever get the chance to visit Lancaster, PA, you will not be disappointed. I am eager to go back with our kids, especially since next year, Sight and Sound is doing a production of Jonah! It looks just as amazing.

Thanks for tuning in! I’d love to hear about your trip to Lancaster if you’ve been and if you go, be sure to tell me all about your experience and what your favourites are!