A day late…but better late than never!

A couple of weeks ago I FINALLY finished Keeker’s dress that I had started and planned on finishing for Easter. 
True to form, I left things to the last minute (IE Saturday night before Easter Sunday!) and discovered too late that I had the WRONG ZIPPER! The instructions called for an invisible zipper – somehow I ended up with a regular zipper! I tried going through old skirts to see if I could reuse any of the zippers on there, but to no avail, they were too short. 
So I cried a few tears and put the dress aside to finish at a later date.
I finally got the right zipper, then it STILL took me a couple of weeks to actually finish the dress! But I made it, just in time for a dreary, rainy Sunday at church.
 Never mind, we got out to the park yesterday to take some pictures and was it ever hot! But fun. There was a splash pad and park nearby, so the kids had a chance to freely run around after.
The tutorial for the dress can be found in five parts on Jess’s website.

I had a REALLY hard time with the zipper on this dress! It was my first time, and maybe it is just me, but I just could not wrap my head around making it work!

I finally found some video tutorials on youtube which were a big help – I’m a visual learner! You can find the links for these videos below:

I cut a lot of corners on the zipper – hee hee. AND the piece around the middle of the dress? I botched – they didn’t line up at the end. 
Cute sash and bow to the rescue! 
All in all I am quite happy with the result of my very first FULL dress attempt. Whether I will be making another one or not will remain to be seen. :D

Happy sewing!