I’m super excited to share this post with you! Last week’s 10 Things to Buy at Costco post was a hit, and I promised a follow-up with items for guys to buy at Costco. Well, The Man took the ball and ran with it! Y’all, give it up for my fantastic husband who is debuting on the blog with his very first post on his favourite things to buy at Costco!

man's guide costco top 10

The Man’s Guide to Costco – Top 10

I grew up shopping with my parents at Price Club. Monstrous bottles of Heinz ketchup, too many pizzas piled high in a yawning cavernous buggy, and the painfully slow checkout lines are the few ethereal memories left lurking in the corners of my mind.

There was always hope that mom and dad would make a sensible investment in one of those billion-count wholesale boxes of Snickers or Mars bars. They were not too sensible about this most of the time. Oh and samples. Samples always made it a worthy destination for a growing boy such as myself.

Costco samples

Fast forward 25 years. Costco Wholesale has long since swallowed the Price Club brand after a competitive takeover state-side. Now I take my own family on shopping trips to the familiar members-only superstore. Definitely the same general feel as when I was a kid except it seems like there is a whole lot more fun stuff to buy. This post details some of my favourites (in no particular order).

10. Batteries

Costco batteries

I always feel like I’m getting hosed buying batteries at the usual retail outlets. A 4-pack of Duracell AA batteries for $11? Ugh! Costco sells a super-sized 48-pack of Duracell AA batteries at regular price for $20, frequently on sale for $15. If you are OK with house brand, Kirkland batteries of the same calibre and count are $12.99 every day.

9. Windshield Wipers

Costco wipers

Michelin Stealth wiper blades, any size, $11.49. This is a great price for anyone who has ever had to buy wiper blades would know. I am fairly sure there is another retailer that sells these under a different brand name for roughly twice the price. Can’t be certain, but I have strong suspicions. Also, they go on sale every 6 months or so for $8.99.

8. Washer Fluid

Costco windshield washer fluid

Another gem. Four 1 gallon jugs for $10, or about half the price of buying at the gas bar. Can’t go wrong here.

7. TVs

Costco electronics

I called Costco once to ask them if I could buy a TV for the Super Bowl and return it on Monday for a refund. Yep. No problem. Really? Really. I didn’t end up doing it, but with a 90-day return policy and 2-year warranty, even if I could save a few coins elsewhere I’d still buy from Costco. Having purchased about 4 big screens for business purposes, I’ve found it difficult to find better prices elsewhere on mainstream units.

6. Canned Beverages

Costco soft drinks

It’s always nice to keep the IT fridge stocked at the office so I usually grab a case of Coca-Cola or other beverages when they go on sale. I frequently find them for $8.99 after a $3 instant rebate for a 32-pack. That’s 28 cents a can, yo! Think that’s a good price? I picked up a couple of A&W / Fanta Play Pack (32) cases for $5.99 the other day — just under 19 cents a can!

5. Running Shoes

Costco shoes

My beautiful wife picked up a pair of b-brand trail runners for me a couple of years ago at Costco that held up just fine. Lately I have been eyeing a pair of their Adidas runners that are selling for $36.99. I’m not picky about my running shoes since I use them for sports and not fashion statements.

4. Stretchy Pants

Costco Urban Star jeans

Wow. Only recently I have learned the virtues of Costco’s Urban Star stretchy jeans. For far too long I have pridefully passed by this table of $15.99 jeans, and man, I have been missing out! Thanks to a co-worker singing their praises, I was convinced to give them a shot. If you’re super lucky you’ll find them on sale for $5.99.

3. Long Stem Roses

Costco roses

This is one purchase I am super picky about (with good reason — they’re going to my sweetheart!), and to be truthful I will take a pass on Costco’s offerings MOST of the time. Why? It’s extremely difficult to find cut flowers that are really fresh, especially roses. However, on occasion Costco has a truly fresh selection and at $17.99 for 2 dozen, that’s a steal! If they look fresh, give ’em a pinch to ensure that the buds are good and firm. To further ensure a fresher bunch, find out when your local Costco receives their flower delivery! (Ours are on Tuesdays and Thursdays.)

2. Garden Plants, Hanging Planters

Costco plants


Seasonal items here in Canada, best value for size and price. We have been buying all of our planters, bedding flowers, and veggies here in recent years.

1. Furniture

Costco furniture

Furniture at Costco can be hit-and-miss and varies by location, but we have found some fantastic pieces at great prices. They used to carry a really nice TV unit with glass doors and a big-screen mount on the back for around $239. We purchased a couple of “Fifth Avenue” armchairs for the office lobby which are, in my opinion, highly fashionable.

What are your favourite things to purchase at Costco?

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