Getting dressed in the mornings can sometimes be a challenge, especially with 3 kids running around! While I often put clothes on, I don’t always think about making sure they’re NICE clothes :D IE sweat pants don’t count!

I’m joining in on the “Get Dressed Challenge” with Sarah Mae. You should check it out. Because even if you don’t have a problem getting dressed in the morning, it’s a fun challenge to begin with. I’m joining in because I want to look good for my hubby when he leaves AND when he comes home.

I won’t be posting pics daily, but I’ll try to get a weekly round of photos up.

So pop on over to Sarah Mae’s post and make sure you follow her blog so you can receive the motivationals every day.

PS There’s a great giveaway going on for Down East Basics too, so make sure you enter here!


The Get Dressed Challenge!