Last week was exhausting. Pure and simple exhaustion. But the good kind, the kind that comes from playing hard all week, enjoying a heap of time outdoors and time together. Hence my lack of posts – somehow, in the summer, I seem to have such a lack of “time” to actually get to things like blogging?! How is it that during the school year I am able to get it (mostly all) in? It’s very strange :0)

We’ve continued with the slip n slide fun – this time we went to visit friends, and they have a hill AND a slip n slide.

We tried to put them end to end, but they couldn’t pick up enough speed to keep going. So my friend Kels had the brilliant idea to put the sprinkler between the two, and it worked perfectly!

They had such a blast and only came in because we were afraid they would burn to a crisp. 110 degree temps and hot, hot sun isn’t a good combination, no matter how much watermelon, honey dew and cherries you consume!

Wednesday brought the day that we got to see our littlest M on the ultrasound! It was a brutal 45 minutes lying on my back with my hands above my head, the longest ultrasound I have ever endured. I thought I was going to pass out! And it was dead silent during, with a couple random questions, and no hubby in the room until after. You can bet my heart was doing flip-flops throughout!

I kept praying and singing choruses and saying verses over and over though, and God carried me through it! We don’t know much other than a sort-of due date (first week of December), and that everything “looks good” – but other than that the tech said anything else we had to get from our midwife. Including gender, if we wanted to know. My hubby thinks he knows, and he isn’t sure he wants to know for sure, so we’ll have to see!

Saturday, I hate to admit, I finally mopped my floors – after nearly 2 months of not doing it! heh Our evenings have been so busy that the times we would usually mop we ended up crashing into bed, or kept putting it off. Enough was enough, and I pulled out my trusty steam mop to get the job done. No more sticking to the floor where juice had spilled, and slightly lighter grout from where I had spilled cocoa.

The morning brought a much needed thunderstorm and torrential downpour – it cooled things off about 10 degrees celsius to a more bearable temperature – which was a good thing, because my cousin’s wedding was that afternoon, and I was DREADING the heat and humidity!

It couldn’t have been more perfect weather; though we were all a bit nervous at the storm, it all cleared up well before they got started.

We had a great time visiting with family, touring my uncle’s HUGE property, and taking some fun pics with his old buildings – and I got to spend some great time on a “date” with this handsome guy!

Two of my cousins are pregnant at the same time as me – my cousin, Jenn, is due in 3 weeks, and we can’t wait to meet their 5th little one!


Some things I am thankful for:

458. Our new little bean!

459. Our church and church family – they are such a blessing and encouragement!

460. The home we are TRULY, tremendously blessed to live in. I have some projects up my sleeve, to help with some organization for school and getting rid of excess. Watch for some posts about them!

461. Homemade iced coffees on a hot day

462. If you have a son, READ THIS! Modeling God to Your Sons

463. Time in the word – Need A Little Time?

464. Praying for others

465. Freedom to teach the Good News without restrictions!

466. Teaching our children diligently, persisting in discipline and love

467. My new table centerpiece with carnations

468. Disciplined time in the word

469. Kids playing memory with daddy

470. Worshipping God with whole hearts

471. Roses from my hubby!


How was your weekend?

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