We’ve been studying VERY beginner geometry ideas in our math program. The Boy has been working hard to get the hang of perimeter, creating shapes with angles and learning early fractions.

To try and make this a bit more hands on, we made some paper snowflakes. We based the idea on these instructions.

watercolour pictures

First the kids painted their paper with watercolours.

t-square measuring

Once the paint dried, I had The Boy measure the shortest side of the paper to determine how he was going to cut the squares.

cutting a square

After measuring he used the T-square to draw his cut line and cut out the square.

triangle 1

On to fractions! Fold the square in half into a triangle.

triangle 2

Fold the triangle in half into another, smaller triangle.

triangle 3

Fold THIS triangle into thirds. Cut the paper on an angle into another triangle and discard the top piece.


Draw your designs and cut them out.

easter snowflake

carefully unfold and voila! A lovely snowflake – just in time for Easter, lol.