When asked what they wanted to do this summer, my children’s responses were simple and fun. Blueberry picking, splash pad visits, swimming, camping (already a given :D), beach, eat freezies, have water gun fights.


Kids like it simple and fun. And yet every summer I try too hard to go out of my way to plan things and end up tapping out a few weeks in. That’s when we start to sit back and just relax, enjoying our summer vacation.

let loose - summer delight

Well, that’s where I want to start and stay this summer. Yes, I had grandiose plans of all the science experiments (and yes, we’re still doing math), reading, and exploring we will be doing. But I’m coming back down to earth a little bit to realize that we all need a break. A real, true break where we can all enjoy each other.

Summer Bucket of Fun List

Instead of a bucket list this year, we decided to come up with a Summer Bucket of Fun List! These are simple, fun, close to home or a little farther away ideas that you can fit into just about any day, and do not require a lot of time and planning (or money).

To help me stay focused – because, y’all, I am a SCATTERBRAIN when I get excited about an idea! I tend to get worked up, gather everything together, then have little energy left to actually PLAN on using it – I’m using an idea I saw online for theme days. I printed a calendar off for each month, and each day has a theme :

  • Move it (or Movie, depending on the weather) Monday
  • Tasty Tuesday
  • Wonderful World Wednesday
  • Theatre (or Theme) Thursday
  • Fun Friday

I’ll plan these out each week, using erasable ink of course (perfectionist, hello!), moving them around as need be. That way I’m not trying to bite off more than I can chew or plan too far in advance and have to change the plans.

Summer bucket of fun supplies

Here’s what’s in our bucket of fun!

  • sponges
  • paper plates
  • squeeze bottles
  • tempera paint
  • chalk

chalk drawings

  • foam brushes
  • jump rope
  • giant balloon
  • water balloons


  • light up LED balloons
  • glow sticks
  • bubbles
  • foam darts
  • embroidery thread (yes, for friendship bracelets! move over loom bands!)
  • bow and arrow
  • ribbon
  • duct and masking tape
  • homemade flubber
  • stickers
  • hula hoop (obviously not IN the bucket)
  • rocket ball
  • pool noodles
  • magnifying glass
  • plastic animals

Everything above was purchased at our dollar store or already owned by us.

I know that the online world and Pinterest can be a fantastic tool, but it can also serve to overwhelm us. I tend to find a lot of good ideas, then get so exhausted from thinking about it that I never actually end up doing it. Not this year! A simple plan, simple supplies, simple ideas, done!

Here’s what we plan on doing with our Summer Bucket of Fun supplies:

  • sponge bombs
  • build a catapult
  • make frisbees
  • paint with wet chalk
  • make chalk paint (more ways to play with chalk)
  • make flubber
  • paint bombs
  • foil river
  • freeze toy dinosaurs in ice blocks and chip them out
  • pool noodle marshmallow shooter
  • pool noodle race track
  • pool noodle light sabers (more great pool noodle ideas)
  • glow in the dark bowling
  • water balloon fights

water balloon fun

  • target practice
  • check out new trails for hikes

nature trails

  • hang out with friends at parks and splash pads
  • making our own unpoppable and giant bubbles
  • making a solar oven for s’mores


I’m planning on having a jar handy of some other ideas (in case I get busy, or lazy, or don’t want to plan – it’ll happen, I know it will!) we can just pick from as we go.

Plain and simple. That’s it! And if it rains, I’m learning to let go and let them play in the rain ;0)

playin' in the rain

What’s on YOUR bucket list this summer?

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