Wow, what a whirlwind week! I got to halfway through yesterday and thought, is it really Saturday?! Time flies, and with the beautiful weather we’ve been having, it goes even faster.

I was actually able to somewhat have my act together this week for planning out the photos for Scavenger Hunt Sunday, although some were extremely last minute (aka this morning :D). But anyway, I really enjoyed the colour wheel theme and hope I did a good job of showing it!

1. Low Key

I wanted to rebel. I’ll admit it. I didn’t want to do low key because my normal days are anything but low key. I wanted to show a really crazy wild photo of one of my kiddos. But I decided to stick with the theme. So here’s Keeker’s playing some heavy metal in a low key :D

2. The Colour Wheel – Monochromatic and Analgous Colour

It turned out perfectly that I was canning tomatoes and apples, both of which are (mostly) red! And then JJ wanted in on it. So I just went with it. Not sure I achieved what I wanted to, but it was fun.

3. Circle

I also did not follow the self portrait prompt, hoping to save that for the scarf photo. Clearly I changed my mind a LOT on my shots this week! If you look closely at the lid on this bathing jar, you’ll see a winking smiley face :D

4. Scarf

I had 3 scarves all braided together to take a fancy photo of. But, again, I changed my mind. Keeker is wearing her great-grandma Henderson’s scarf that went so well with her dress and the morning light was too much to pass up! (SOOC!)

5. Phone

This is a shot, from my phone, of the fruits of yesterday’s almost 12 hour labour of love. I don’t think I will ever do tomatoes and apples in the same weekend again!